Employee Perk Ideas to Boost Satisfaction and Productivity

by Management Published on: 24 June 2017 Last Updated on: 11 June 2020


If you want to have a productive workforce then it’s important that you look after your employees. Numerous studies have shown that employees who are satisfied at work, with an employer who offers them exclusive perks and benefits, are more likely to be engaged with their job and produce better results than those who simply take home a basic pay and nothing more. For employers to improve rates of productivity and customer satisfaction, it’s important to first consider the needs and wishes of their employees, and listen to their concerns whilst offering incentives to stay and be motivated to work well. Here are some of the best ways you can motivate your employees and improve satisfaction.

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#1. Training and Progression

Today, one of the main things that employees want from their employer is the opportunity to train and work their way up into positions with a higher level of responsibility and pay. Most of the time, employees don’t want to be stuck in the same job for the rest of their life; many people are ambitious and have hopes of climbing up the career ladder, which can be achieved when an employer promotes from the inside. Internal training programs or even offering help with funding for external learning such as online degree programs can be an excellent incentive for employees that will build satisfaction.

#2. Help Gaining Life Skills

As an employer, there are several things that you can do to help your employees as they acquire new life skills. For example, helping with the cost of driving lessons, or even providing company cars for your employees, can be an excellent perk that many workers will jump at the chance to get. In turn, there are many benefits that you can have as an employer, too. For example, when you help an employee learn to drive and get their own vehicle, they will no longer need to rely on public transport to get to work, meaning that they’re more likely to arrive on time. See toptests.co.uk for free theory test training material that you could recommend to any employees who are learning to drive.

#3. Fun and Games

Everybody knows that the workplace is predominantly for work, but there’s a lot to be said for employers who understand the value of having a little bit of fun. For example, if you are overseeing the management of several teams, then friendly competitions with prizes included can be a great way to motivate each team to work harder and be more productive when it comes to meeting their daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly targets. In addition, the option to have some fun in and outside of the workplace, for example, staff nights out or trips to places together, can be a fantastic way to improve colleague relationships and enable employees to make new friends at work, all of which can improve the overall workplace morale and positively impact productivity.

Treating your employees well and offering them great perks is key to satisfaction at work!

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