Use These Five Driving Tips To Stay Safe On The Road

by Automotive 31 January 2019


Driving safe while you are on an indelible road trip or a sortie into town for shopping is highly important given the elevating risks of car accidents these days. In an unfortunate incident where you receive personal injuries, it is an added trouble if you have to go through lengthy legal proceedings. You should abide by traffic rules so that you could commute with greater peace of mind. Here are a few tips to stay safe on the road.

Do Allow Enough Time:

Staying out of trouble on the roads requires careful attention and skills. Do not rush to get to your intended destination. Whether you are a teen learning to drive, a professional, eager to get to your workplace or you have to pick your spouse from somewhere, give yourself enough time to reach your destination without haste. While hurrying may seem the ultimate solution sometimes, it can be a bit risky, especially when your thoughts are distracting you. Always plan your rides in advance allowing enough time to manage traffic, unexpected construction zones and last minute meal-grabs.

Avoid Unnecessary Distractions:

Whether you are tempted to post your luxury car’s interior on Instagram or take an important call from your colleagues at work, always avoid using your phone while driving. Other distractions that could possibly have you involved in a serious car accident include toying with your audio system, interacting with your personal digital assistants like Siri or other tech gadgets installed in your vehicle and even giving attention to a passenger in the car. As per texting and driving statistics, more than 330,000 people every year experience some form of personal injury in the US alone. You may have to consult an experienced accident attorney to handle legal proceedings for an injury claim.

Stay Vigilant While Driving:

I would suggest using a nice GPS app and a navigation support application like Yelp, Google Maps or GasBuddy to get real-time info on traffic dynamics, weather updates and the shortest possible routes to your destinations. These will include ways to redirect you through crowded turns & traffic jams. It will save you time and unnecessary cognitive effort to manually plan your rides. Moreover, it will keep you away from busy thoroughfares jammed with vehicles and minimize the chances of an accident.

Keep A Check On Your Car’s Upkeep:

Your car’s maintenance is vital to stay safe on the road. A flat tire or a transmission system flaw can have your car going awry in the middle of the road. It may also have other drivers experience a difficult time trying to act fast to avoid banging into your vehicle. Regular inspection of fluid levels, tires, brakes functionality, and engine optimization should be a part of the routine. For vehicles more than three years old, they need to get a clearance certificate. The better maintained is your car, the higher are your chances to stay harmless on the road.

Stay Calm & Avoid Overspeeding:

You must have been a victim of road rage occasionally trying to overtake another passing vehicle or rushing to avoid a reckless motorist on the road. Avoid the urge and do not cave in to the pressures that road conditions normally spring up. Stay calm, use your head and make swift decisions keeping safety in mind while driving. Do not violate traffic laws that can inflict fines and penalties. Stay within your lane and alert other drivers before taking a turn.

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