Understanding the Magic Behind the CBD Flower

by How to Guides 31 August 2021

CBD Flower

Health problems often require alternative ways of dealing with the symptoms, just because more standard forms of treatment have been labeled as harmful, problematic, or controversial.

With that said, one of the options available in the market right now is known as CBD, but to understand CBD, we have to first talk about the cannabis plant.

The History Backing the Cannabis Plant

The History Backing the Cannabis Plant

Since ancient times, people have relied on multiple techniques to deal with diseases, injuries, and physical conditions. Most of the ancient treatments used to provide relief, though, involved the use of herbs. Herbs were used for a great variety of things, from reducing stress and aiding people with sleeping disorders, to relieving pain and reducing inflammation.

Among the most famous herbs used to deal with these problems, the cannabis plant was probably one of the most reliable ones. Some of the empires and dynasties that used cannabis to treat their population include the ancient Egypt dynasty, Chinese and Japanese society, as well as Greek society.

The cannabis plant could be used in many different ways, and back in the day, it was mixed with beverages like alcohol or tea, and it could aid people with injuries, inflammatory diseases, or problems linked to stress, anxiety, and nervous attacks.

The plant could also be smoked, and it was commonly consumed through the use of a pipe. However, in more recent days, it could be consumed as a blunt, which is a form of cigarette made out of the plant.

if you are interested in more details about the cannabis plant history, you can visit this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_cannabis.

Medicinal cannabis was introduced to the western culture around the 19th century, and it was once again combined with wine or whisky, as well as tea, and even juices or cocktails. Then, people started to use it with cooking recipes, which would later be called edibles.

Sadly, even though cannabis has a great history as a very reliable alternative method of treatment, a treatment that has been legalized in many places all around the world, some people are reluctant of trying it out because of the bad connotation it has had along the way.

The Correlation Between Cannabis and CBD

The Correlation Between Cannabis and CBD

The main reason behind the cannabis plant’s bad reputation is because its psychotropic capabilities, produced by a compound known as THC. It is THC that gets people high and is the main reason for its controversial influence.

However, in the cannabis plant’s structure, you can find another prominent compound known as CBD. CBD, a short name for cannabidiol, is a compound that is capable of providing the same benefits provided by medicinal cannabis. It is capable of:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Alleviating pain
  • Reducing stress
  • Improving the quality of sleep
  • Calming down nervousness and anxiety

However, there’s something you have to understand about CBD. Contrary to THC, CBD is not psychotropic! So, all the benefits provided by this compound can be enjoyed without having to get high.

Most CBD-based products come from a plant that is familiar to the cannabis plant, but at the same time, it is very different. This plant is known as hemp, and it contains extraordinarily low levels of THC, only reaching around 0.5% of its chemical structure.

Thus, CBD products are much more reliable and have started to gain a lot of popularity recently, to the point of getting their own national day inside the United States, as showcased over here.

Believe it or not, cannabidiol has even become popular for pet owners, since some products can be used in them. Considering that THC is actually harmful to them, cannabidiol medication is a rather safe, viable alternative for them as well, and the benefits are pretty much the same, making it a very good choice for senior pets, like dogs and cats.

The CBD Flower and Other Alternatives

The CBD Flower and Other Alternatives

Now, there are many options in the market available for use. The one that people use the most is probably CBD oil, a combination of carrier oil and the oil extracted from the plant. This option is quite reliable but works differently from the organic CBD flower.

You see, oil and edibles require some time to kick in, usually from 15 minutes to half an hour. However, they do last for a very long time, lasting up to 5 hours. If you sleep during its duration, it might last for even longer.

Still! The strength of the effect might be considered mild or intermedium, which is usually enough for most people, but for people with more severe conditions, it might not be enough.

That’s where CBD flowers enter the play. Usually, quality flower products made with CBD are capable of providing a very strong effect that is capable of calming down and relieving the pain of very severe conditions, like cancer or arthritis.

The fact that the effect might even kick in even faster, is also a very good benefit, smoking a CBD flower usually bring results after 5 to 15 minutes. One downside, though, is that its duration is far lower than edibles and oils since it can last up to 3 hours at much.

Some people might dislike the idea of smoking as well, which is the reason why oils tend to be more popular with the general population. However, the flower is still a very popular option among the community, and it is the preferable choice for people with very complicated conditions.

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