7 Print Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

by Marketing 10 May 2018

Print Marketing

Many small businesses spend so much time focusing on online marketing, know it’s the way of the future. By it’s still helpful to use traditional methods in order to get your name out there and gain customers.

Print marketing still has its place when promoting a business. It’s useful when networking, attending events or displaying your company name for customers.

Many feel that print marketing is going to come back in a major way post the pandemic. With people starting to miss going outdoors, a lot of businesses will try to leverage this opportunity. If you are looking to start a printing business the first thing you need to do is get the best cutting machines by Duplo. This will help you run the printing business and create fantastic print posters, and other materials as the client require. It’s also a good idea to also consider summa support or a similar support program for your printer, to keep you running if you encounter any problems.

Learn more about the seven best methods to use when used print marketing materials.

Here are 7 Print Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses:

1. Business Cards are a Classic That Never Goes Out of Style:

No matter what anyone says, business cards are one type of promotional material that people love giving and getting. Despite the changes in marketing thanks to online media, many people find business cards beneficial when it comes to marketing materials.

Business cards get passed out at networking events, in casual conversation, or wherever people meet. People find these useful since they contain basics such as a contact name, email, phone number, and website address.

If you’re looking to gain new contacts, it’s helpful to have business cards made up. Carry them wherever you go, and get ready to pass them out to potential contacts who benefit from your services.

2. Let Brochures Tell Everyone About Your Business:

Sometimes it’s not easy to explain the full depth of your services in an elevator pitch or through business cards. In cases where you’re trying to close a sale or help individuals get a visual idea of what you do, brochures can help.

Marketing materials like brochures let people learn more about your company by providing visual representations through words and pictures. Those who aren’t sure if they’ll need your services can still take home your brochure and think about it.

You can include a history of your business, a short bio on yourself, and what your company specializes in your brochure.

You’ll make people aware of your services and offer them a useful visual with your business marketing materials.

3. Print Marketing Looks Great on Promotional Products That Serve a Purpose:

Promotional products are popular with people of all ages. They’re fun, serve a function, and usually come free, so people take advantage of them.

According to studies, promotional products get companies noticed. Promotional products get used at trade shows and career fairs, but they’re helpful in just about any situation.

Possible promotional products that go over well with people include:

  • Bens
  • Plastic water bottles
  • Balls
  • Lanyards
  • Pins
  • Keychains
  • Notebooks

There’s no shortage of ideas for your print marketing materials when you use functional items. Consider investing in a few and see which ones get noticed most by potential customers.

4. Banners Work for Company Events and Tradeshows:

Banners show everyone who you are and allow them to associate your name and image with the business. These are especially helpful when you’re at a tradeshow, fair, or another place where you’re trying to raise awareness about your company.

Banners have the benefit of being low-cost enough to print, can get saved for future occasions, and make a useful investment for any company. Many banners are created to withstand both indoor and outdoor elements.

Companies such as Neps can print these types of banners out and help you promote your company no matter where decide to advertise or have a booth.

5. Flyers Spread the Word Quickly and Cheaply:

Sometimes you want marketing materials that are quick to create, low-cost, and can easily get put everywhere.

People often associate flyers with missing pets or garage sales, but they’re surprisingly effective when alerting people about events or specials in relation to your products and services. Flyers can be created with your name, logo, contact information, and any specials you have going on.

Posting them around the neighborhood or getting them passed at your business, store, or a location you’re advertising at providing useful in securing new customers. They’re quick and easy to grab, allowing folks to have your contact information if they decide they’re interested.

Because the investment is so low, you can get them made as often as needed.

6. Postcards Are a Hit for Many Customers:

Postcards are a typical form of printed marketing materials that businesses like to use when making their presence known. They are commonly part of direct marketing techniques and work well when a new business is getting established.

You can create attractive postcards and mail them out to customers within a certain radius of your business. Not everyone will be interested in the services you’re offering, but the chance of them giving your postcard to someone else or otherwise reaching parties that are interested is high.

Even if your company is already established, you can still have them within your office area and pass them out to people with each purchase, or as part of a welcome bag for new customers.

7. Bags Advertise Your Business Easily:

This is a fun way to advertise your business and get some bites with marketing ideas. As mentioned earlier, people love promotional items because they enjoy a product that provides functional use.

Corporate gift bags are another effective marketing strategy and one that should enable you to connect better with your customers. Most customers often feel the need to be valued and when they realize that they are getting a useful gift as a freebie, they are sure to form a favorable opinion regarding your company.

Bags are cheap and easy to get created. These could be simple plastic bags that get passed out at a conference or tradeshow or even drawstring bags at a county fair or similar event where you’ll see several new faces.

People who take and use your bags provide free advertising, as they get your name and logo out everywhere they go.

If you’re on the fence about what materials to use for your next event, see how bags go over, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Learn More:

Although marketing a business online is popular, print marketing is not done yet. Consider getting your business noticed by one or more of these various methods, and see how it works for you.

To learn more about how to market your business, check out our blog on five of the best marketing tips.

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