5 Addiction Treatment Marketing Tactics to Help Promote Your Facility

by Marketing 31 October 2018

Addiction Treatment

America’s addiction treatment centers are more important than ever before. In 2017, nearly 72,000 Americans lost their lives due to drug overdose.

This was a 10 percent increase from the year prior. Despite the government’s best efforts, America is losing the war on opioids.

Now is not the time to give up with so much at stake. It is critical to get the word out about your addiction treatment facility.

Read on to learn more about addiction treatment marketing. Explore 5 marketing tactics that will help promote your treatment facility.

1. Content Keywords:

In the digital era, most people find professional help via search engines. Your treatment center needs to be one of the top search results. Enter the important marketing tactic of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Search engines work by matching keywords to web content. This means your treatment center’s content needs to prominently feature these keywords.

2. Produce High-Quality Content on a Frequent Basis:

The more content that you produce the more keywords are utilized. You want to produce quality content that captures the complete scope of your treatment center.

This means publishing blog posts about each treatment service or type of therapy. For example, consider your facility offers long-term residential treatment. You should publish a blog post that allows readers to learn more about residential treatment.

3. Utilize Social Media:

Social media is an effective and cheap marketing tool. It gives users the ability to find addiction treatment centers.

Also, it allows patients to share positive testimonials. These success stories are shared with hundreds of others in this person’s social network.

Social media provides your facility with another avenue to share content. There are many different social media platforms out there. Use all of them on a regular basis to reach the greatest number of people.

4. E-mail Marketing:

Another cheap and effective marketing tactic is mass e-mail. Ask prospective clients to subscribe to your e-mail newsletter.

Think of people that subscribe to your e-mail newsletter as leads. If the e-mail content is enticing, readers are directed to your website. Here they can be converted from leads to clients.

5. Make Your Mark in the Local Community:

Addiction treatment centers often serve the local populace. Make your facility known to local citizens by getting involved.

This means putting boots on the ground with traditional marketing tactics. Local festivals and community events are perfect places to set up.

Hand out favors with the treatment center’s contact information. Engage with local citizens and have plenty of business cards available to share.

These local events are great ways to discover leads. Ask citizens to sign up for your e-mail newsletter or follow you on social media.

Addiction Treatment Marketing – Wrapping It Up:

The success of your marketing campaign means a healthier local community. Let people know about your facility’s valuable work.

This can be accomplished through social media or mass e-mail newsletters. If you want to learn more about addiction treatment marketing tips or our other services, contact us for additional assistance.

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