10 Trending Dropshipping Products to Sell

by Sales & Marketing 06 August 2018

Dropshipping Products to Sell

So you want to start your own dropshipping business. However, you face a dilemma ‒ what types of products will you be selling?


The fact is, there are so many products out there in the market and the competition is fierce. A promising product can give you a great start, but what if you choose a bad one?


At this point, it’s crucial that you choose the right product wisely.


But before we go to that ‒

 Quick intro about dropshipping

Quick intro about dropshipping

So how does drop shipping works? Dropshipping is a modern-day retail fulfillment method wherein a store doesn’t keep the products that it sells in stock. Instead, it fulfills a customer’s order from a third-party who ships the products directly to the customer.

A lot of businesses resort to this method because it solves most of their problems, one of which is to keep an inventory.


However, with it, comes several challenges as well, like ensuring that there would be enough stocks available to cater to the customer. Also, the prioritization of the third-party seller of the company’s clients over other drop shippers.

2. What Makes a Good Dropshipping Product?


All excellent dropshipping products share something in common. When you’re doing your research on potential dropshipping products, note the following criteria:


  • The product must be compelling, unique and stands out.
  • The product is difficult to find and buy elsewhere.
  • The cost of the product allows for a healthy markup.
  • Consumers find it hard to determine how much it costed you to buy the product.
  • Consumers are more than happy to buy the product even with little research.


Now that you know what to look for in choosing the right drop shipping product, we’re moving on to the best products to sell on the market.

1. Product #1: Car Diffusers

Product #1: Car Diffusers

Essential oil diffusers are popular for years, and the mini-car versions of it are a welcome addition.


It’s pretty simple to use too ‒ customers can simply plug them into their car charger for a dose of peacefulness and calm. Perfect for long, summer road trips!


Not to mention, they’re extremely lightweight and small and can fit for an ePacket delivery. It simply means that when a client orders the product from your store, it will be delivered to them promptly.


So if you’ve been eyeing this product, then your target audience should be gadget enthusiasts, professional drivers, commuters, and people who just recently bought a car.

2. Product #2: Wireless Phone Chargers

Product #2: Wireless Phone Chargers

Everyone hates untangling a wire full of cables.


That’s why there’s a need, more than ever, for the mobile industry to move towards wireless charging.


If you’re up to date with the latest Android and iPhone models, then you will notice this shift.


Thus, the growing demand in the market is a fantastic opportunity for most dropshippers. You have to understand though that if you’re choosing to sell this product, you’ll be competing against big brands such as Samsung and Apple.


However, don’t let this deter you. Instead of letting your customers worry that they’re buying an unknown brand, highlight the best qualities of your product as well as the benefits of buying from your store.

3. Product #3: Deshedding Pet Gloves

Product #3: Deshedding Pet Gloves


Pet lovers adore their animals.


More often than not, there isn’t anything that they wouldn’t do for them.


But most of them don’t like it when they have cat or dog hair all over their place ‒ especially in a newly bought rug or sofa.


That’s why deshedding pet gloves are extremely effective ‒ it keeps the animal hair contained by the time their pets shed their fur.


This product is advantageous for drop shippers because it doesn’t easily break or malfunction. Therefore, there are few chances of getting returns.


If you want to jumpstart your business in the pet supplies niche, then the deshedding pet gloves might be the perfect product for you.

4. Product #4: Kids Rompers

Product #4: Kids Rompers


Rompers surged into popularity back in the 1900’s, but lately, according to Google Trends, they’re back on trend again.


So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that most parents prefer to dress their kids in this fashionable one-piece. Not only that they’re comfortable and ideal for movement during playtime, but they’re also great for both indoor and outdoor wear during the summer months.


But how can you make your brand stand out from other competitors?


You can do so by focusing on creating compelling, eye-catching designs, and establishing a solid connection with parents by coming up with super relatable and impactful ad campaigns.

5. Product #5: Folding Mirrors

Product #5: Folding Mirrors


Since 2011, folding mirrors are steadily growing in popularity.


It’s perfect for people who want to fix their make-up when they’re out and about. In fact, there are many portable folding mirrors you can sell ‒ many of which have built-in LED lights that are excellent in fixing makeup during a fun night out in town.


Moreover, they’re a great addition to stores who sell beauty and travel products.

6. Product #6: Ankle Bracelets

Product #6: Ankle Bracelets


Ankle bracelets are simple, yet in-demand products that can do no wrong. Because it’s small and light, they also qualify for an ePacket delivery. Also, the returns are less likely.


Ideally, your target market is women in their 20’s and 30’s who’s passionate about fashion and jewelry.

7. Product #7: Phone Lenses

Product #7: Phone Lenses


Phone lenses are little, yet powerful products that can give your phone camera a more professional angle.


There are plenty of lenses to choose from. It can either be sold together with another type of tech gadget like wireless chargers.


Your target market should be people who are interested in both photography and travel and are highly motivated to snap the best photographs with their smartphones. Although you must exclude those who are using DSLR cameras, as they would be less likely inclined to use their phones when taking pictures.

10. Product #8: Denim

Product #8: Denim


Denim is back again as one of the top fashion trends. In fact, it has been steadily growing over the last couple of years.


It has many different products and styles that customers can choose from  ‒ from smart, faded, or torn denim. You’ll never run out of finding unique and eye-catching choices.

11. Product #9: Shoulder Bags

Product #9: Shoulder Bags


Shoulder bags have a sleek, and sophisticated look, and no wonder it’s still going strong as one of the fashion top trends for over a decade.


It gives customers both freedom and mobility when using it since they don’t need to be held by the handle just like a standard satchel.


But again, the challenge here is how will you be able to stand out from the competition.


The good news is, many fashion-conscious shoppers prefer to buy a different array of shoulder bags that go perfectly well with their outfit. So if you want to get in the fashion, clothing, and accessories market, then shoulder bags are a winner.

12. Product #10: Inflatable Pet Collars

Product #10: Inflatable Pet Collars

At first glance, this product may seem odd, but this type of collar is an alternative to the traditional cone that most animals use after surgery.


One of the main advantages of using it is that it’s comfortable for your pet. It also doesn’t scratch the walls and furniture.


If you want to sell in the pet niche, this innovative product has easy storage and provides comfort when used.


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