Strategies Marketers Must Adopt For Efficient Campaigns

by Marketing Published on: 24 February 2024 Last Updated on: 06 March 2024

Showcase Your Business Physically

Times change, and with it, people have to adapt. Marketers are not exempt from this. We have to change our ways regarding digital media and rapidly advancing technologies in the modern world.

Unfortunately, time never stops for one strategy to cement itself before a new one starts looking more viable. If you want to sell, you need to innovate constantly. In the spirit of supporting innovation, this article explores strategies that would serve marketers well today.

Let Social Media Inform Segmentation and Personalization

Social Media

People spend lots of time online, and there’s a good chance a large chunk of it is on social media. There are so many social media platforms today. Marketers can gain a lot of insight into consumer preferences and motivations from there.

Such information could, in turn, affect how marketers categorize consumers for campaigns. Similarly, the more knowledge a research exercise can unearth, the better their efforts at personalized marketing will be. The goal has always been for customers to inform marketers. Go where they are, and that will continue to happen.

Learn to Work with Ad-Blockers

Although ads are important to you as a marketer, you, as a regular person who spends time on social media, know very well that ads can be —intrusive.

Sure, if potential customers don’t see those ads, they are less useful than intended. Therefore, you must learn how to work with your ad campaigns, knowing ad blockers exist.

Here are some tips:

  • Direct your ad strategy to mobile apps instead of video streaming platforms where people widely use strong ad blockers, like YouTube
  • Target ads at websites that dissuade ad-blocker use
  • Consider shifting some of your budgets to content marketing

Planning and designing ads to avoid ad blockers would increase visibility, optimize ads, and maximize ROIs on ad spend.

Rethink Video Marketing

 Video Marketing 

Kanye West had a 300% ROI on a Super Bowl ad that lasted four times as many seconds as the millions it cost. Mark Zuckerberg cast himself as a product reviewer for something his company produces.

This is not advice to copy their strategies. Rather, let their unorthodox marketing approaches inspire more creativity within you. Those were two innovative and unconventional uses of already available mediums.

A modern marketer should spend more time thinking of catchier ways to stand out. That will become more important as time passes. Why? Standing out in a generation littered with video content is easier when you go viral with multiple campaigns.

Encourage User Generated Content

Evidence of an effective product or service is recommendations. As such, marketers need to find new ways to encourage product or service users to leave public recommendations. 

Considering the reach and influence of social media, marketers should launch campaigns that inspire user-generated content. Such public recommendations of a product’s effectiveness can help develop a following for a business. It also converts new customers as they are considered more accurate testimonials of product quality than any ad.

Prioritize reviews and incentivize customers to provide them on the biggest platforms for your business. This would help maximize ROI, as there is no real need for expensive ads or promotions. 

Find New Ways to Leverage Data Analytics

 Data Analytics

Hunches might have been able to cut it back in the day. Nevertheless, depending on instinct as the key determinant of decision-making is equivalent to a game of roulette in business. 

Considering the size of marketing budgets and what is at stake, it is imperative that marketers be right more often than not. For this, they need the right information. Accurate consumer/market data.

Here are some benefits of data in marketing:

  • generate insight into consumer behavior;
  • identify trends, preferences, pain points, etc;
  • inform campaign strategy decisions;
  • optimize a campaign.

It is, thus, inherent that modern marketing goes beyond simply making data-driven decisions. Nowadays, marketers need to think of impactful data points and how to collect them as well. Marketers need to develop ingenuity in obtaining data points. Sufficient ingenuity would allow them to collect relevant data in significant volume. Only then can their analytics generate frequent game-changing answers.

However, with more data collection comes a need for improved data security. You must protect user identity, data, and your company’s intellectual property and trade secrets. Many marketers use VPNs to safely transmit and access sensitive data without risking leaks. You can find more information about this cybersecurity tool and providers in the market on the VPN comparison table on Reddit.


There are many strategies that marketers currently use. However, the conventional implementation of a strategy is what many brands and rivals might be employing. Take influencer partnerships, for instance. Most businesses do it the same way.

Sign the influencer on structured posts on a timetable, engagement, and maybe video ads. Innovatively executing the partnership can improve the strategy’s effectiveness. For example, consider hosting a meet and greet in a service location or store. 

Strategies work. However, innovative execution of strategies can maximize ROI in significant ways when done right.

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