5 Aspects Of A Successful Business Website Design

by Technology 29 September 2018

Successful Business Website

Designing your business website is a foundational step towards success.  Today’s modern consumer spends more than enough time browsing the infinite pages of the web, and your business has to claim its stake.

Build a business website with purpose and style.  Take the time now to expand your knowledge on digital design, and check out this brief overview of some of the most important aspects of a successful business website.

Encourage communication through design:

Communication should be on a short list of priorities as you work out the design for your new business website.  Web users often use an organization’s website for communication reference, and you don’t want to let down an inquisitive visitor.

In addition to the standard “Contact Us” page on your website, add other pleas for communication throughout your design.  For instance, add a contact number to your homepage or a simplified contact form to your “About Us” section.

Produce quality content for users to explore:

Your business website isn’t all about business.  There is a clear element of entertainment to be addressed.  You need to create elements for web users to discover as they browse.  Adding a “Blog” section to your website creates a space for discussion and creativity.

Fill your business blog with applicable posts that feature some interesting aspect of your industry.  Like this business blog shows, the relevant subject matter is best suited for the job.  Write blog posts that expand on your company’s brand, and teach users something they didn’t already know.

Optimize your display for mobile users:

Your business website should be equipped with the tools to handle the massive influx of mobile users on the internet.  Mobile viewing screens are typically much smaller than a standard PC or laptop screen, so you’ll have to set your design up to be adaptive.

Adding media queries to your design coding will help your business website be more flexible to the viewing needs of visitors.  Media queries will tell your page to detect and adjust to the size of the screen currently viewing the information, so visitors will never be disappointed.

Integrate social media sharing icons:

Social media sharing icons are your website’s portal to an infinite social outlet online.  Simply adding a string of familiar, clickable icons to your content’s design will open up a wide world of possibility for your digital presence.

Learn the value of SEO:

Search engine optimization will teach you how to produce more effective digital content and rank higher in the Google SERPs (search engine results pages).  SEO rich content will draw more traffic to your budding website.

The higher you can place your organization’s digital content in the SERP rankings, the more likely you are to accumulate web traffic.  Learn the ins and outs of SEO, and apply what you have discovered to all of your digital content from here going forward.

Watch your numbers rise, and keep track with Google analytic tools.  Maintain a close relationship with your analytic results, and make changes as you grow.

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