4 Areas of Expertise To Help Your Business Acumen

by Business Development 18 September 2018

Business Acumen

To get ahead in your career path, you have to know about business. It doesn’t matter what your industry is. It doesn’t matter what job you have. Every career deals with basic business principles. That’s why it’s a good idea for you to expand your areas of expertise beyond your typical talents into the realm of the businessperson.

There are many different ways to do this. Eventually, you can try getting your PMP certification. You can spend some time learning how to design websites. You can work on social media platforms and understand how advertising and promotions work. And you can brush up on your knowledge of body language. All of those things will help your business opportunities flourish.

PMP Certification:

One of the first words that you need to define when you want to learn about business is the idea of the project. A project requires a budget and timeline. Beyond that, it’s up to the project manager to be creative and come to a solution for the eventual goal. If you plan on being a project manager, you can ultimately try to get your PMP certification so that you will be acknowledged worldwide for having the skills to handle many different types of business contracts. Advanced certifications make you stand out to potential employers and clients, so once you pass the final test, you’ll notice that you’re in a different league as for as connections go.

Website Design:

No matter what business you’re in, there will be some website involved. Even if you don’t do the website design yourself, understanding website design, particularly when it comes to responsive design and coding, will help you work with your IT and communications departments to get your brand’s message out effectively. Even though you might want to leave the technical details of the experts, at least understanding the framework of HTML, CSS, and WordPress will make you more knowledgeable concerning conversations with necessary parties. Remember, even the best content will not make a great impression if it doesn’t look good as well.

Social Media for Advertising and Promotions:

Social media is going through a transition period right now.  People are trying to find their way through algorithms, advertisements, promotions, and misinformation and fake accounts. Regardless of that, every business needs to understand how to use social media for their own ends. This is a flexible and dynamic area, but one that is very important if you plan on remaining competitive inside of the social sphere.

Knowledge of Body Language:

Face-to-face interactions are still significant. So if you’re going to be a casual expert on one topic, it should be body language. You should know how to exude confidence yourself. And you should be able to read people’s general postures and language cues to figure out what they’re trying to communicate to you. Even spending a few hours researching body language and nonverbal communication will give you lots of additional tools to use when talking to people about different aspects of your company or brand.

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