3 Ways Bartenders Can Use Social Media to Build Business

by Small Business Published on: 28 April 2018 Last Updated on: 19 September 2018

Use Social Media

Even if you don’t own your own establishment, you can harness the power of social media to boost exposure of the bar you work at and rake in the extra dough because of it. However, most bartenders don’t think in terms of marketing when it comes to their jobs.

After all, you show up, clock in, talk to people and pour their drinks, and go home when the night is done.

But what if you used social media platforms to make yourself known as the local bartender to see?

Imagine how impressed people would be and how many more customers you’d see on a nightly basis if you made yourself recognizable across social media. Especially if you just received your Wisconsin bartending license and are hoping to build a regular client base.

If this sounds like something you want to do, keep reading to learn some easy ways you can use social media to boost business.

1. Find out What’s Lacking :

People love to rave about great experiences and complain when they have a poor experience. By getting on social media and talking about the place you work at, you’re bound to run into both types of reviews. This helps you identify what your customers love about coming to see you and what they wish just wouldn’t happen.

Not to mention, you can use tools like Social Mention to find out when your venue has been referenced across social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more. Find out what people are saying about you and your venue, learn about the competition, and make your business better using that information.

2. Use It to Promote :

Whenever your bar is having a special event such as a special musical guest, a contest, a wine tasting, or even happy hour, broadcast this on your social media accounts for everyone to see. This will increase your bar’s exposure, bring customers through the door (which your manager will appreciate), and give you more business to make tips off of.

3. Educate Your Customers :

Sometimes people walk into a bar having no idea what they like. Or, they always stick to what they know for fear of not liking something new if they try it.

By using your social media platforms as a way to educate people about beers, wines, and spirits, you’ll instill confidence in them to come in and try something new. Better yet, you might even be able to showcase a new cocktail you’ve created and inspire people to get out and try out.

You can try sharing the following information with your followers:

  • Information about your products
  • The flavors in popular specialty drinks
  • Food pairing recommendations
  • Current industry trends (especially if you work at a high-end bar)

By teaching new customers about your bar, and the drinks you serve up, you’ll slowly start converting them into customers and increase your number of regulars.

And as a result, you’ll find your tips increasing and popularity rising, especially if you are new to the bar scene and are trying to snag customers from other local bars.

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