Social Media: Promotions or Propaganda?

by Marketing 07 February 2018

social media Promotions

Social media has emerged as one of the core techniques for promoting one’s interests, identity, and business and along with it establish a brand name. On one hand social media supports promotion, and on the other hand, it also arms propaganda. It is a platform where people can be led or misguided at the same time. What is right and what is not is apparently not definable in social media. Social media has several aspects and many of which have not yet been exploited.

The actions that social media platforms endorse through several channels such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and several others are unending. But the ones utilized are not that much on the list. Each social media platform has its advantage and disadvantages. For instance, the more the number of followers on Instagram, the more likes you get and the more you start getting campaigns and business deals. But some of these followers are also fake and thus can also degrade your credibility once you follow them back, and they unfollow you.

Social media has many perks to offer but can also turn contrary at one point in time. It is imperative to know the hacks about social media and its usage. If you don’t address these perils, then it can prove to be hazardous. But before going to the risks and propaganda, let us discuss the various benefits of social media.

Benefits of Social Media:

Instagram – It is mainly recreational and is for enhancing business related to recreational, art, culture, and fashion category. Other segments can also be explored in Instagram only if the trends users keep the patterns in mind. Instagram has a very weird trend, people will start to follow you and once you begin to follow them back, they will now unfollow you. This trend has struck many and is a very misleading one. People believe that if you have more followers than those you are following, then you are a happening site. Fifty percent of Instagram users don’t have any idea regarding the credibility or social media campaigns and promotions work.

The same case is with Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook as well. The only difference with Twitter is the fact that it is information based and is not a recreational platform. It is more knowledge and business oriented. Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr and Pinterest are also recreational platforms and is used for branding and self-promotion. Here storytelling and high-quality pictures matter a lot. People are attracted to your pictures, its angles, color combination, and the genre matters more. Once you capture the attention of the niche audience, then you are good to go. Make sure you stick to some themes in these platforms.

Hashtag# is one such thing that can be used equally on all these platforms and is very efficient. Instagram has also introduced a feature that is known as follow the hashtag that enables the user to view photos in which a specific hashtag has been used.


Now coming to the perils, beware of spammers. Block them instantly if you see some suspicious activity and report their account. Do not disclose any personal contact information.


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