The Top Things You Can Do During and After a Trade Show or Exhibition

by Small Business Published on: 01 May 2018 Last Updated on: 16 July 2024

Trade Show

Preparing for a trade show or an exhibition entails making sure that your budget is set, making sure that you register or sign up in advance, and making sure that you have the right materials for marketing, such as banners and exhibition stands.

It also means making sure that your other logistical concerns are met, such as accommodation, transportation, food, staff, and the like. But once you are at the actual event, what do you then? How about the event? Not many may be aware of this, but what you do after an event is finished can also make a difference. Here, then, are the top things you can do during and after a trade show or exhibition.

During a trade show or exhibition:

Fix your booth and display:

Your booth and your display stand should be properly fixed and organized. There’s something to be said about a well-designed booth and display, with high-quality pop-up exhibition stands, banners, and other materials, as well as samples of your products and listings of your services. As soon as you arrive, make sure your booth is set up properly and be prepared to offer giveaways or souvenirs to visitors.

Giveaways can include pens, calendars, writing pads, and so on – any item where your company name and brand name can be prominently displayed. You can even offer baked goods and other treats if you want – anything to draw a crowd. Make sure you fix the booth and display well before you can think of any other thing.


Joining a trade show or an exhibition means that you have to be prepared to sell yourself. And you can only do this effectively if you are willing to communicate. Put your best foot forward and speak to as many participants and visitors as you can. Communication is key because it will determine the success of your event. If you are interested in doing business with particular distributors or suppliers, make sure to get their business cards. Get your own business cards ready so you can easily distribute them to interested customers. Be prepared to talk about your business and your products and services; this goes a long way in making a good impression about your brand.

After a trade show or exhibition:

Do some follow-up:

If you have been able to acquire plenty of business cards, then it’s time to do some follow-up work. Categorise the business cards and then make it a point to contact each person on each card in the next few days and weeks. It’s also a good idea to send emails as a thank-you and provide them with additional info about your services or products.

If you want your business to grow, joining a single trade show or exhibition is not enough. You have to continuously look for new events to join so you can maximize your exposure to clients and industry leaders alike.

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