Fashion Hacks: 3 Simple Ways To Customize Your Style

by Fashion 25 September 2021

3 Simple Ways To Customize Your Style

Fashion Hacks: 3 Simple Ways To Customize Your Style

In this day and age, being unique is on the forefront of any fashion-conscious individual’s mind.  But what can you do to really stand out above the rest? If you want to say goodbye to conventions, throw away the rule book and really be seen, then follow these easy to implement steps, customise your style and get noticed like never before.

Plan, Plan And Plan: Make Your Style Count

Before you jump right in and begin customising your style, you need a plan of action. Making a mood board is an excellent way to do this, so you can clearly lay out all of your ideas in an easy to follow way. Whether you want to use the old school method of cutting and gluing images of your choice onto a sheet of paper, or would rather utilise current technologies, the choice is yours when it comes to planning your customisation.  Websites such as Pinterest offer great inspiration boards, so the world really is at your fingertips in this respect. With a user-friendly online platform to assist with your planning stage, you can really begin to envision your new style.

A great way to start is by googling influencers, celebrities, or any of your style icons to see exactly what they are wearing. Bear in mind that this is an ongoing process, and don’t be discouraged if your ideas change as time goes on  – it’s all a part of the plan!

Work With What You’ve Got

By sorting through your wardrobe and seeing what items you already have, you can save yourself time, money and potentially find some amazing items that you can restyle and repurpose. You might have an old jacket you’ve forgotten about that you can upcycle by stitching on embroidered patches or a pair of jeans that can easily be transformed by dying or ripping. The choice really is yours. Within this process, you can pick out any pieces of clothing that will really work with your new style. If you find items that simply won’t work, then feel free to throw them away.

Rule 3? There Are No Rules!

You may feel influenced by social media, television, and what’s currently trending, but it is important to remember that your style is about you, and no one else. You don’t have to run with conventions and everyone’s style is unique. This will depend on your skin tone, what message you are trying to convey, and whether the items you are choosing really suit you. Remember, things don’t have to be perfect the first time around! This is a process and should be treated with time and care. Experimentation is key here, and you should have as much fun as possible trying different things to see if they do or don’t work.

If things work out the first time, well done! But never feel disheartened when trying new things and remember, everyone, is beautiful in their own way. Always be you!

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