Staying Viable as a Fashion Stylist

by Fashion Published on: 04 December 2020 Last Updated on: 08 December 2020

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Getting a break in the fashion industry is priceless. Many professionals and independent stylists work tireless hours to get their foot in the door.

Whether dressing as a politician, styling a well-known celebrity, or even consulting on sports uniform designs for a team, it’s all about networking, experience, and staying up to date on the latest trends.

Working long and hard hours to achieve a personal goal or a certain level of success is often a given. Top designers also advise to be unique, trust your instincts, do a lot of networking, and don’t be afraid to take advice from others.

And always be professional.

Like Victoria Beckham, the famous luxury brand designer, notes, “When taking that first step in your career, it’s so important to surround yourself with experts in your field that you can learn from.”

Sammie Moussallam, a Toronto stylist who has more than a decade of experience working with some of the biggest editorial, fashion and celebrity brands, and personalities, suggests, “Gaining experience in trend forecasting and keeping up to date with current and changing trends in fashion and design are vital to building the best look.”

It’s quite evident to accomplished stylists that experience is a number one priority in getting noticed and having the opportunity to book that coveted client. Stylists must be ahead of the curve and know how to make different looks work, flattering the best features of the people they dress.

Many stylists do research on their own time to create new styles or anticipate what they think a client may want ahead of an event. Therefore, they’re always ready to deliver.

Christopher Kane, a Scottish fashion designer, said he often hears about people in the fashion industry not knowing enough. “I think to be good at something you need to do proper research and study everything about the subject.”

Additional top skills for a fashion stylist includes having an awareness of art and design, according to All Art Schools. Learning about marketing and advertising is helpful. But creativity, innovation, and being detail-oriented make for a good fit.

Sammie Moussallam also offers the following advice: “Find the right people to help you with your business. You see, there are many people in this world. So many of them want to be in fashion. So little of them are ready to work hard. And there are even fewer of them who are the right fit for your company.”

And a positive outlook never goes out of style.

“Do not give up on your dreams, do not give up on your relationships with people, do not give up on your hard work,” said Moussallam.

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