4 Style Trends We Can’t Get Enough Of in 2018

by Fashion Published on: 17 September 2018 Last Updated on: 17 March 2020

The average person spends around $200 per season on new clothes. This isn’t a lot to be super trendy with, but it’s enough to make you think about what’s going to look good for at least the full season. If you want to follow style trends, you’ve got to spend wisely.

Clothing trends are cyclical so that plenty of things that fall out of fashion might end up back in style in just a couple of years. With enough strong pieces of clothing in your closet, you could cycle for years until everything goes in and out of fashion multiple times.

If you’re interested in what’s going to be hot this season, follow these 4 trends.

1. Check Patterns :

One of the most reliable classic patters is back in a big way this year. Check patterns of all types are making a big splash from big named designers down to budget shops.

Heritage checks are popping up everywhere. Balenciaga has even been showing off check on the runway.

Whether you’re looking for lighter feminine versions or overt and bold patterns, heritage checks are here to stay. Burberry will be one of the standard bearers but look for other companies to show up with their own versions. We might even see checks on headwear in coming seasons.

2. Very Bold Colors :

Bright and bold colors are taking over on the runway and even the pop stage. Take a look at Cardi B’s album cover or just about anything she’s ever worn. Cardi’s love of color is just about as wild as her lyrical content.

Runways this year, from New York to Paris, have been awash in bold shades of just about every color. Look for high-end fashion houses to start taking risks and releasing otherwise conservative wear in colors that could give you a toothache.

3. Watch For Sequins :

The textural analog to bold colors would have to be sequins and sparkles. These overstated additions to fashion wear will be on everything from Gucci to Chanel this year.

Even if you have something that’s a little on the cheaper, thriftier side, if it has sequins, it’s time to break it out. There are thousands of ways to pair the trendiest item with a sequined piece, so be sure to check it out.

4. Pastels Are Coming Up :

Well beyond the shadow of Easter, pastel colors are popping up all over the place. Soft pinks, lemon, and lilac outfits are being worn by the hottest stars and the trendiest models. Ice cream colors will be trending for at least the next couple of seasons in clothing and makeup.

Find a piece to fall in love with and don’t be surprised if you’re still pairing it with hot new items through next spring.

Don’t Just Follow Style Trends But Set Them Too :

If you follow unique style trends, don’t be afraid to put your own twist on these trends. Not every trend looks good on everyone and unless you make something your own, it’ll look uncomfortable.

If you want your hair to be as bold as your clothing, follow these trends to make a splash wherever you go.

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