Flare Fashion: Styling Tips For Trendy Bell Bottom Jeans

by Fashion 25 October 2023

Trendy Bell Bottom Jeans

Bell-bottom jeans from the 1970s are back in style. Many people like these wide-leg denim pants because they look old and can be worn in many ways. They used to be popular in the counterculture and hippie groups, but now they’re in style across many styles. 

This guide shows you how to wear bell-bottom jeans well, whether you like the retro style or want to update your closet.

Styling Tips With Bell Bottom Jeans

Casual Daytime Looks

For those aiming to achieve a laid-back daytime look with bell-bottom jeans, a few straightforward styling techniques can transform your outfit:

Basic T-Shirts And Tanks

Wear your bell-bottom jeans with a simple t-shirt or tank top for a clean and casual look that lets the curve of the jeans stand out. Thus, choose basic colors or classic stripes for a style that will never go out of style and can be worn to many different events.

Denim Jackets Or Chambray Shirts

Adding a denim jacket or chambray shirt to your afternoon outfit will make it feel more casual. The denim-on-denim look, also called the “Canadian tuxedo,” goes well with bell-bottom jeans because it keeps you warmer and looks better.

Comfortable Footwear – Sneakers And Sandals

If you want to look casual during the day, choose comfy shoes. Sneakers and sandals are great choices. Classic white shoes or trendy platform styles give bell bottoms a sporty and urban look. Sandals, especially those with an earthy or bohemian vibe, make bell bottoms look even more free-spirited. When making your choice, think about the event and your style.

Sunglasses And Floppy Hats As Accessories

Add accessories to finish off your casual afternoon look. Sunglasses both protect your eyes from the sun and make you look more stylish. Bell bottoms can look great with retro glasses or stylish aviators too big for your face. 

A floppy hat serves as both sun protection and a fashionable statement piece. These accessories enhance the overall aesthetic while maintaining a relaxed and daytime-appropriate appearance.

Dressing For A Night Out

When dressing your bell-bottom jeans for a night out, sophistication and glamour make a significant difference. Here’s how to elevate your look:

Pairing With Stylish Blouses Or Crop Tops

Wear your bell bottoms with a pretty shirt or crop top for a stylish night out. Choose fabrics like silk, satin, or lace if you want your outfit to look fancy. A fitted shirt tucked in looks great with flared jeans because it draws attention to your waist and makes your shape look better. Crop tops are trendy and young-looking, letting you show a little skin without losing your style.

Adding Statement Jewelry And Belts

Add statement belts and earrings to your outfit for a night out. Big earrings, chunky necklaces, or a sparkle belt can quickly make you look better. These trinkets add glitz to your outfit and draw attention to the small details. Don’t go overboard with your creativity; keep things in balance. The most important part of your outfit is a well-chosen statement piece.

Choosing High Heels Or Platform Shoes

Your shoes are an important part of your night-out outfit. To look taller and more stylish, choose high heels or platforms. Heels make your legs look longer and more put-together. Sandals with straps or high heels look great with bell bottoms. Platforms are stylish and comfortable at the same time. Comfort should come first for a fun night out.

Opting For A Clutch Or Crossbody Bag

You need a stylish bag to carry your things for a night out. A stylish crossbody bag or clutch is a great option. These smaller, more stylish bags are useful and will draw attention to your outfit. So, pick a style that goes with your outfit and has enough space for your phone, cash, and lipstick.

Accessorizing Bell Bottom Jeans

Bell Bottom Jeans are an ideal canvas for personal expression through accessories. Here’s a guide to enhancing your bell bottoms with the right additions:

Belts And Belt Styles

Belts do more than hold your pants up; they inject style into your bell-bottom jeans. The right belt can cinch your waist, adding definition and flair to your outfit. Opt for a broad statement belt to draw attention to the jeans’ flare or a slim leather belt for a classic, understated look. 

Experiment with materials, from leather and suede to chain and fabric belts, to match your style and the occasion.

Jewelry Choices

Jewelry serves as the perfect finishing touch for your bell-bottom jeans ensemble. Long necklaces elongate your silhouette, complementing the flared bottoms. Statement earrings, whether hoops or dangling pieces, inject a touch of drama into your look. Don’t overlook bracelets or bangles for wrist adornment. Ensure that your jewelry harmonizes with your outfit’s color palette and style.

Scarves And Headwear

Scarves and headwear provide an opportunity to explore patterns and textures. A silk scarf tied around your neck or used as a headband can introduce a vintage charm to your look. Wide-brimmed hats, such as floppy or fedoras, offer sun protection while creating a chic, bohemian feel when paired with bell bottoms. These accessories can add a playful or sophisticated element to your outfit.

Handbags And Footwear Options

Choosing the right handbag and footwear is vital to complete your look. Depending on the occasion and your style, you have various options. A crossbody bag or a clutch works well for a night out, while a roomy tote or backpack is practical for a day of errands. 

Footwear choices are equally versatile—high heels or ankle boots for evenings, sneakers or sandals for a casual look, and ankle or knee-high boots for a touch of boho. Consider the event and your comfort when making your selection.

Enjoy Your Style With Bell Bottom Jeans!

Bell-bottom jeans are incredibly flexible. They can be worn with anything from casual day clothes to dressy evening outfits, making them a great choice for any event. Because you can change these jeans to fit your style, body type, and personal tastes, they have become a beloved and classic fashion trend

Even though fashion changes constantly, bell-bottom jeans are still a basic choice that lets you show off your style while staying on trend. Whether you’re returning to this classic trend or trying it for the first time, remember that bell-bottom jeans are more than just pants; they represent how fashion has changed and are a classic example of style.

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