What does the WMS toolkit offer?

by Technology 01 October 2020

WMS toolkit

The time when all the businesses would flourish on the word-of-mouth marketing or a few advertisements are gone. In this digital age, it is important for all kinds of businesses to have an online presence as well.

Reports suggest that over 67% of the customer base prefers to check the reviews of some stores online before making a purchase. It is also predicted that by the year 2040, everyone will shop online.

With fast and upcoming technology, not having a presence on Google can actually do more harm to your business than good. However, it can be a little tricky to understand Google algorithms.

The promotion of your business or the website largely depends on the keywords. This would help assess the traffic your website is able to generate, which would further help expand sales. However, doing this manually can be tough.

This is exactly where the WhatsMySERP (WMS) comes in.

How Does WMS Help Your Business?

WMS system is online software that will help you identify the keywords that work best for your website. For your website to have a good online presence, it is important to have good SEO content. An SEO rich content will help your website have a good rank over the Google pages. The better the rank is, the more traffic it will generate.

Features of the WMS Toolkit

Since the aim behind using WMS Toolkit is to increase traffic on your website and further increase sales, it cannot be done with just one methodology. The toolkit offers a couple of features which are as follows:

1. WMS Keyword Search Plugin

This tool is the WMS Toolkit is about researching the most suitable for your content. It can be stressed enough about how important content is for your website. The right keywords at the right place will help you get the right audience. It also improves the overall ranking on Google searches.

With this tool, all you have to do is pick the word of your choice and type it on the Chrome Search bar. The feature will do its job. It will bring out a list of things like search volume with that word, price of the click, and other related keywords.

You can further customize this tool to specific locations from where your target audience mainly is. It is an easy and free method to choose the right words to generate a healthy SEO and meta tags for your website.

2. WMS SERP Checker

Google is the giant hub, and the aim of your website is to get the best ranks for your website. It is a known fact that in the market for search engines, 92% of it is owned and run by Google. It’s only its algorithms that will help you reach the audience for your work. Furthermore, there is always a tough competition with other companies as well. In a situation like that, it’s important that your site ranks better than the rest.

This tool helps you in analyzing the keyword market. Whenever you type a keyword in this, it would show you the Top 100 ranks that are taken by different websites. It will help you understand how the keyword market works and how it would be with the right usage.

3. WMS Rank Tracker

After you have chosen the right keywords and have understood the market, it is important that you see the results as well. Once you have created your content, seeing the fruit of the hard work and investment will help you understand the internet better. This is where WMS Rank Tracker comes into play. It helps you see the result of everything you have done to establish your website.

WMS Rank Tracker will help you see the way your website is ranked over Google. It will help you monitor the way your website ranks have improved or stayed constant over time, along with visibility times. And not just websites, you can research the keywords and the meta tags as well.


This is the conclusion of all features and helps you put everything in place. After you have done your research and put just about everything in place, WMS API helps you do better. It would put all of your research and the things that are important for your website in one place and mix it with your code. It is more like the last piece in the puzzle.

Having all the information coded with your website’s code will ensure that you don’t go wrong with anything. It will help you put everything in place and bring out the desired result.

In case you are still wondering about WMS Toolkit worthy of investment, remember that it is the digital era now. Not a lot of people these days and even in the future would want to go for something they cannot see reviews about over the internet. Besides, the majority of people who look for things on Google wouldn’t go beyond the first page of the SERP. This makes it crucial for your website to rank in the top links.

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