3 Reasons Videos Blow Up On Social Media

by Technology 07 October 2020

Videos Blow

Nowadays, everyone can take a television-quality video from their phone. Technology has advanced tremendously, leaving powerful cameras stored away in people’s pockets ready to document any unique circumstance, notable moment, or trending social media challenge. Companies such as Jukin Media have found ways to utilize user-generated videos that pop up all over the internet to market products and generate engagement. However, why do some videos do better online than others? Videos can literally blow up overnight, leaving the creator basking in the benefits of going viral. Here are three reasons some videos do better than others and end up leaving a lasting impact online. 

Here are 3 Reasons Videos Blow Up On Social Media:

1. The video reaches people the right way. 

Like the saying goes, sometimes you’re just in the right place at the right time. The same mindset can apply to videos and where, when, and how they’re shared. People have to know and plan when the video’s going to go out to optimize engagement. Therefore, planning the right timing as well as what outlets you’re going to post on is vital. YouTube is a great place to start when you want to start publishing videos. However, once it’s on YouTube, you should also get it out on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, too. Make posts that generate engagement back to your video to ultimately get the most people clicking and subscribing to your upcoming videos. 

2. The video is on trend with current events.

Videos do better when they’re somehow connected to trending topics or buzzing social events. People stay up to date with current events and gravitate to all the news and media surrounding different topics. A video that’s connected to what’s in demand will end up getting a lot of attention. For example, if the Westminster Dog Show was taking place and garnering a lot of media attention on the participating dogs, you could craft a video with your pet who may be super untrained or not behaved to counter the well-groomed and behaved Westminster dogs. It’s a dichotomy that may generate interest online because of the content, when you posted it and how it related to something else that was trending in society. 

3. The video utilizes music and video well. 

People enjoy engaging with music, and good music production moves a video along much better. It improves pacing, flow, and matches the video if you choose the right music. The most clicked videos on YouTube almost always use music, so if you’re hoping to go viral with a clip, don’t forget about audio. Even if you have the best, most cinema-focused video, if your audio isn’t up to par, you may be in a losing battle. You need to stimulate and engage your viewer’s eyes and ears during the viewing experience, and the best videos find the most creative ways to pair both properties. 

Going viral is something a lot of people dream of, and it can lead to someone becoming a big star if their social media following starts to grow. However, it takes the perfect timing, distribution method, and content to get a video from a few hundreds of views to millions. 

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