What Companies Are In The Technology Field? | Updated In 2023

by Technology Published on: 26 April 2023 Last Updated on: 24 February 2024

what companies are in the technology field

What companies are in the technology field? – This question is quite common since many internet users are passionate about technology and the top tech companies that are making major moves in the market. This is probably because technology is literally the biggest driver of factors like economic growth, financial markets, and consumer demands.

Today, technology is the biggest shaper of how people lead their daily lives, from living to work, consumption, and many more. In this article, we will look at the top companies in the field of technology and various factors associated with them. We will also know about each of these companies in general. Hence, to get fully informed, read on through to the end of the article.

What Makes Up The Field Of Technology?

According to Investopedia,

companies in the technology sector engage in the research, development, and manufacture of technologically based goods and services. They create, design, and manufacture computers, mobile devices, and home appliances and provide products and services related to information technology.”

In the year 2022, the growth rate of the technology industry was estimated at 5.3%. Furthermore, it might also seem interesting that, of the total market, the technology industry makes up 35%. In the United States itself, the technology industry consists of 500k tech companies. Over 6.6K tech companies are present in Silicon Valley in the United States.

What Companies Are In The Technology Field In 2023? – Top 10

In this section, we will basically look at the industry leaders when it comes to technology. These are the companies that excel in the field of technology and believe in constant innovation to ease the lives of the customers and cater to their needs and demands. The following are some of the top tech companies you must know of:

1. Apple Inc.

Apple Inc

Probably the biggest of the tech giants, Apple specializes in electronic devices, software, and various other online services.

Number of Employees164,000+
Market Size/ Value$2.15 trillion
Revenue$394.33 billion
Net Income$99.8 billion
Total Return (1-Year Trailing)-21.25%
Stock ExchangeNASDAQ Stock Exchange

2. Alphabet Inc. (Google, Android, and YouTube)

Alphabet Inc

Alphabet is a conglomerate company that is best known for the Google search engine, the YouTube platform, and the Android operating system. Also, the company went through a restructuring process in 2015.

Number of Employees186,779
Market Size/ Value$1,581.72B
Revenue$282.836 billion
Net Income$59.972 billion
Total Return (1-Year Trailing)-15.55%
Stock ExchangeNASDAQ Stock Exchange

3. Microsoft


This is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. The company produces top-grade consumer electronics and computer hardware. Furthermore, Microsoft also specializes in computer software as well.

Number of Employees221,000
Market Size/ Value$2,054.37B
Revenue$203.08 billion
Net Income$69.80 billion
Total Return (1-Year Trailing)-24.61%
Stock ExchangeNASDAQ Stock Exchange

4. Amazon


Apart from being the largest online marketplace and eCommerce site, Amazon also specializes in producing technological devices and cloud services.

Number of Employees1,608,000
Market Size/ Value$1,468.4 billion
Revenue$513.98 billion
Net Income$2.7 billion
Total Return (1-Year Trailing)-27.87%
Stock ExchangeNASDAQ Stock Exchange

5. Samsung Group

 Samsung Group

Samsung is known for primarily creating electronic devices and appliances. Furthermore, in recent years, Samsung also made a name in Device solutions and IT systems.

Number of Employees+320,000
Market Size/ Value$367.26 billion
Revenue$233.13 billion
Net Income$22.5 million
Total Return (1-Year Trailing)-15.1%
Stock ExchangeKorea Exchange (KRK)

6. Tencent Holding

Tencent Holding

This is a Chinese conglomerate company that specializes in creating web portals, payment systems, eCommerce platforms, social networks, and mobile games.

Number of Employees112,771
Market Size/ Value$414.28 billion
Revenue$82.03 billion
Net Income$35.5 million
Total Return (1-Year Trailing)7.95%
Stock ExchangeHong Kong Exchange (HKG)

7. Meta Platforms (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp)

Meta Platforms

The company started its online presence with Facebook, and now it is the biggest social media platform. By taking over Instagram and WhatsApp, the company renamed itself Meta in 2021. The company is going to play a huge role in integrating VR with the internet and social media.

Number of Employees83,553
Market Size/ Value$499.86 billion
Revenue$116.609 billion
Net Income$23.2 billion
Total Return (1-Year Trailing)15.58%
Stock ExchangeNASDAQ Stock Exchange

8. CISCO Systems

CISCO Systems

CISCO is one of the biggest IT and networking companies that specializes in creating routers and switches. Furthermore, it is one of the most popular names in providing cybersecurity technologies.

Number of Employees79,500
Market Size/ Value$213.36 billion
Revenue$53.161 billion
Net Income$11.302 billion
Total Return (1-Year Trailing)-8.00%
Stock ExchangeNASDAQ Stock Exchange

9. Oracle Corporation

Oracle Corporation  

It is a software company based in Austin, Texas, United States. Apart from software, they offer technology solutions and network infrastructure services that help a company or an individual enhance work processes and increase client satisfaction.

Number of Employees143,000
Market Size/ Value$203.34 billion
Revenue$12.4 billion
Net Income$8.373 billion
Total Return (1-Year Trailing)21.43%
Stock ExchangeNew York Stock Exchange (NYSE)

10. Intel Corp. (INTC)

 Intel Corp

The company is best known for its microprocessors, which are most commonly used in computer systems throughout the world. According to Fortune.com,

The multinational technology company is also the world’s largest manufacturer by revenue of semiconductor chips, a product used in most of the world’s electronic devices.”

Number of Employees1,31,900
Market Size/ Value$123.71 billion
Revenue$63.054 billion
Net Income$8.014 billion
Total Return (1-Year Trailing)-33.14%
Stock ExchangeNASDAQ Stock Exchange

Summing Up

What companies are in the technology field? – I hope you have found your answer by looking at the aforementioned top 10 technology companies. Apart from these companies, there are many more that offer a variety of important products and services in the market to cater to the needs and demands of the consumers. Technology is the biggest industry and has the biggest rate of growth in the world market. Apart from creating top-grade products and services, these companies are also popular among employees and aspirants who like to become a part of the innovation and practices carried on by these companies. Consider mentioning some other big tech companies that we missed out on in the comments below.

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