How Valet Technology Can Save You Money

by Technology 26 October 2019

Valet Technology

Americans love their cars. They spend time and money on everything from car shows to car races. The latest car talk has been about self-driving cars, as every tech giant from Tesla to Google has raced to put a model on the market. What Elon Musk seems to have forgotten is that Americans love to actually drive their cars. They love driving their lifted, souped-up Jeep down the highway, and cruising down the highway in their BMW. Parents want to have control of the wheel when their child’s soccer team is in the back of their mini. Automation is fun, but autonomy is still a top priority.

People adore their cars too much to give them up completely to rideshares like Uber and Lyft. They want to have their trucks and drive them too. Besides, even if self-driving cars could drop us off at our destinations, they would still need somewhere to park themselves. In all truth, driving and parking personal vehicles is not fading out of sight any time soon. And in the meantime, we’re almost out of parking space and patience.

According to the NY Times, there are 2 billion parking spaces in the US, so why do most of us feel like we’ve spent years of our lives behind the wheel trying to find a parking space? Sometimes we do a horrific job of maximizing space. The owner of a brand new car that decides it needs to take two spaces may quickly come to mind. The truth is, most drivers fail to optimize space. Parking lots were designed for safety and easy navigation rather than efficiency. As a result, we waste both time and space when it comes to parking.

The technology we should really be buzzing about is parking management technology, specifically valet technology. No matter what kind of business you own, you can count on many of your customers arriving in their personal vehicles. You can let them struggle to find parking or you could consider implementing a tech-savvy valet service. This service streamlines the process by saving your customer time and your money. Valet technology has the potential to optimize both space and user experience. These benefits will bring in new customers and keep them coming back. Read on to learn how valet efficiency can ultimately save you money in the long run.

Adjusting for Shifting Supply and Demand:


Most businesses don’t need a full fleet of drivers at all hours of the day. Optimize your valet services by staffing during peak hours. For businesses like hotels and restaurants, these peak hours are a bit more predictable and employees can be adjusted accordingly.

A decade ago, shifting valet service demand would have been difficult to predict. Thankfully, digital tracking and mobile applications have streamlined the process. Creating a valet parking solution that adjusts to shifting demand on the spot is simple with this technology.

GPS attendance tracking and real-time activity reports give you the ability to guarantee that hours billed is equal to hours worked. You can staff an optimal number of employees to serve your company’s valet needs at that time. Mobile scheduling makes it easy for employees to pick up shifts last minute or to make themselves available for on-call assistance. Ensuring the staffing is as efficient as possible saves you money that you would have lost from over and understaffing.

Customer Convenience:

Valet Customer Convenience

The newest advancements in valet technology, such as text-in vehicle retrieval and player cards, save money by reducing wait times for customers and by increasing overall customer satisfaction. Text retrieval eliminates the hassle of downloading a mobile app or holding onto a physical ticket. Instead, when your customer or patient drops off their car, they receive a text with a link to request their car. Many valet companies have chosen to integrate this approach to reduce customer wait times.

Other parking management companies issue player cards that contain chips that signal car retrieval if customers come within a certain distance of the valet service stand. Enabled to retrieve cars before drivers even request them, valet technology secures customers’ satisfaction as clients leave your venue. As a result, your company builds a base of loyal, satisfied customers who can depend on the quality service and convenience that your brand provides.

Revenue Tracking:

Valet Tracking

Valet technology also provides a more direct way to save money through revenue control. By moving parking management to the cloud, you can track all accounting reports and point-of-sale revenue collection by your valet service. All invoices, payroll, and schedules are recorded on one platform for accessibility and transparency. Instantaneous accounting keeps you within budget so that you can make sure valet services are helping rather than hurting your business.

Valet is not a dying service. In fact, when integrated with technology, it provides faster, more lively services than ever before. Valet technology optimizes parking space, guarantees customer satisfaction, and adds sophistication and elegance to your business. At the same time, it automatically adjusts for shifting demand, takes customer service to a new level, and tracks revenue as you go.

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