6 Useful Technologies That Increase Business Security

by Business Security Systems 06 October 2021

Business Security

If you run a business, you know all too well how multifaceted your operations can be. As the company becomes more complex, vulnerabilities begin to emerge. There are thieves, intruders, and other criminals that may pose a threat to your business. You will need to consider the proper security measures to defend your company against these risks and dangers.

Thankfully, there are a plethora of security systems available that can safeguard your most sensitive data or business resources. Security technologies have been increasing at rates that most of us haven’t previously anticipated. For your own operations, you are highly advised to invest in a combination of security technologies for optimal safety. Start by assessing any potential vulnerabilities in your company and then use security technology to provide the protection.

Let’s check out six useful technologies that can increase business security:

1. Facial Recognition Software 

Often, multi-factor verification systems will be the way to go for a comprehensive security framework. One of the technologies that you could implement in this regard comes via facial recognition software. Say, for instance, you need to grant permission to a system to a specific employee. By using a system that recognizes their unique facial features, only they will be able to be granted access.

Facial recognition software is becoming increasingly advanced, thanks to innovative companies like Patriot One Technologies that have combined technology and security into one seamless solution. In the years to come, expect to see more facial recognition software in your security measures. Facial recognition technology is a readily efficient tool to use for protecting your assets.

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2. Cloud Storage 

2. Cloud Storage 

As the days go by, business owners may require a convenient means of storing their digital materials. In addition, this system has to be virtually foolproof so that there is no risk of it being exploited. Cybercriminals are always on the prowl in search of vulnerabilities within a business.

Cloud storage systems combine all of these benefits into one accessible security system. Not only is the program easy to use, but its built-in security protocols are second to none. Expect this technology to grow in its stature in the years to come!

3. Upgrade Your Infrastructure 

Your company’s digital logistics will have to be properly evaluated. You don’t have to inspect the infrastructure every week, just to see what is working and what isn’t. Instead, you’ll want to take a look at specific weaknesses and upgrade them accordingly. This allows you to expand the scope of your operations as a whole.

Enhanced infrastructure also extends to the available bandwidth within your business. Not only will you be granted enhanced security measures, but it can make things more efficient. Your employees significantly will benefit from this upgrade for mobile collaboration. Remote work isn’t going anywhere, not anytime soon!

4. Video Surveillance 

4. Video Surveillance 

Installing CCTV in some form is one of the most conventional forms of security in our society. However, just because time has passed doesn’t mean that its effectiveness has dwindled too. Video surveillance can often act as a deterrent first if placed in a physical location outside your company. ACS Fire & Security can help secure your premises with robust security systems.

Many criminals will not conduct a crime if they know that they are being watched. If they do try something, a few video cameras placed around your business will record them. Once they are captured clearly on film, you can use this as evidence when filing a report to the police.

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5. Asset Management 

When you run a company with multiple employees, keeping track of who does what can be complicated. This is amplified tenfold when you have to run other parts of the business and do not have time to micromanage. Thankfully, to steer a steady ship, asset management technologies can be advantageous to use.

This system entails the use of various devices that are attached to equipment used by your employees. Should you want to know who is using what device, the asset management system will indicate this to you. Not only is it efficient to use daily, but it can alert you to potential thefts as well.

6. Health Screening Technology 

In our current day and age, taking our health seriously is something that should be considered business-wise. Living in a global pandemic has only increased this sentiment’s viability; health screening, therefore, becomes vital.

If you have multiple employees working on-site, using various health screening tools can decrease the risk of issues arising. Your organization will always be aware of who exactly is in the workplace and who may be a potential risk to evaluate.

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