5 Reasons Your Organization’s Intranet Needs Microsoft SharePoint

by Information Technology Published on: 15 October 2022 Last Updated on: 06 April 2023

Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is a highly configurable and robust award-winning collaboration platform for enterprises that leverages various programs and features to allow teams to manage content, knowledge, and applications.

Many organizations find SharePoint to be an indispensable tool on an intranet. The intranet, of course, is a term for a private network that organizations utilize to distribute potentially sensitive information and resources.

Teams typically use intranets for the following purposes:

Top 5 Reasons For Acquiring Microsoft SharePoint

Acquiring Microsoft SharePoint

SharePoint has proven to be the best way to collaborate on the intranet for several reasons.

#1 Industry Standard

Many organization leaders claim that SharePoint is the industry standard for intranet technology. In fact, according to research from Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM), 80% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint as the primary intranet tool.

Its popularity allows organizations to share resources, work with partners, and serve clients more seamlessly. SharePoint’s widespread adoption can also simplify training new employees as they may already be familiar with the software. 

#2 Easy to Use

Although organizations can use SharePoint for sophisticated needs, the software is easy to use and set up. Tech teams don’t require coding skills to use or install the software. In typical Microsoft enterprise software fashion, SharePoint is relatively user-friendly. All it takes to store and share files is to create document library in SharePoint.

Furthermore, creating a SharePoint dashboard from Excel data is a straightforward process that allows users to visualize and interact with information more effectively. To accomplish this, you can follow a series of simple steps that involve importing your Excel data into SharePoint and configuring the settings to display your desired dashboard elements. Click over here to learn how to create a SharePoint dashboard from Excel, which will guide you through the process and offer tips for optimizing the visual presentation. By integrating Excel data into SharePoint, organizations can make their intranet experience more dynamic and valuable for users.

#3 Integration

SharePoint is renowned for its integration. It easily integrates with Microsoft 365, Outlook, MS Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer, and other Microsoft products to improve efficiency. For example, with Outlook and SharePoint in sync, employees can access documents in SharePoint without closing Outlook. Likewise, they don’t have to exit MS Teams when they have access to a SharePoint tab in MS Teams. 

In addition to Microsoft products, SharePoint integrates with several popular third-party platforms too. Third-party integration is crucial in a world where businesses use different systems.

#4 Customizable and Scalable

SharePoint is a highly customizable and scalable solution. It can serve a small business with a handful of employees or a large multinational organization with over 20,000 employees. SharePoint’s scalable nature makes it a perfect match for growing and evolving organizations. Features are also customizable to make workplaces more efficient. For example, companies can add specific apps, workflows, and web parts to suit their needs.

#5 Long List of Features

SharePoint provides a long list of useful features to organizations:

These are just five of the many reasons why organizations utilize SharePoint for their intranet needs. Nowadays, companies reach out to IT partners for SharePoint consulting and development services that can help them realize the full value of the software. The best experts can help organizations pick the ideal SharePoint platform for their needs or optimize architecture design, business processes, and workflows.

The right SharePoint consulting and development services can also help with migration, upgrades, usability, and custom solution development.

SharePoint is such a practical, rich, and versatile collaboration tool that companies of all sizes from different industries use it. Partner with a top-managed IT services provider whether you need to learn more about SharePoint or are ready to use a leading intranet solution that can take your organization’s productivity forward.


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