A Look of What Could be if Six Tech Companies Had Their Own Soccer Teams

by Technology Published on: 31 October 2017 Last Updated on: 28 August 2020

soccers team

Football, or soccer, as it is commonly known in the US is undoubtedly the most beautiful game. The unpredictability and the very many possible outcomes of a game make it a thrilling game. The game is about strength, invention and right strategies. One wonders what world cup games would look like if tech companies like Apple and Google were to come up with their teams and play against each other.

Apple would capitalize on sleekness and lightweight

Tech Companies soccer team

It goes without saying that the Apple team would wear some grey jersey and will work on keeping the players light loaded so that they can move at a pace that no team would beat. Although some people would think that the team focuses on appearance and not substance, the results would defend the team.

Microsoft would cover the basics reliably well

The team will definitely wear a jersey that blends the colors of all Microsoft windows. Although some will accuse the ram of not being original, they will cover all the positions from goalkeeping to attacking very well and in a simplistic style.

Netflix would be the disruptor

soccer team

The team would have to bring in some good talent from different country or teams. It will also utilize a few of its homegrown talent. For the team to succeed, it will have to stay off Netflix before a game and just relax. The team will go with a Bayern Munich shade of red.

Google would get the most out of data technology

If you are betting, be sure not to bet against googles team. The attack, defense, and goalkeeping will always be predetermined. The players will be like autonomous vehicles foreseeing every move that the opponent is planning to make. Their Outfit will surely be simple, white and with data-themed details embroiled

Snapchat would capitalize on the young players

Snapchat team would make use of the young and energetic talent that is so innovative that even the big teams are scared of the fresh blood in business. The team will be confident and will go with bright yellow Jerseys. They will be a competitive opponent for any team.

Facebook would count on the many players

With about 1.38 billion players, it will be easy for Facebook FC to get a solid squad. The only problem is that the players here are always distracted and may not score lots of goals. Nevertheless, they will be satisfied with the likes.

The football game will remain to be a fantastic game, but the players will always change. Soon, the world will see the players being replaced by robots with higher capabilities.

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