What Companies Are In The Basic Industries Field?

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What Companies Are In The Basic Industries Field

You might wonder how many types of industries there are, considering the fact that there are billions of businesses globally. You have the food industry, the healthcare industry, the motor industry, the entertainment industry, and lots more to choose from.

However, did you know they can all be classified under two broad categories? They are – basic industries and non-basic industries. But what companies are in the basic industries field?

If you want to know what basic companies are and some prime examples of them, read this article now. Here, you will learn what companies are in the basic industries field with some examples.

What Are Basic Industries?

Type Of Basic Industries

As the name might suggest, basic industries refer to various companies that produce raw materials and goods for customers. This industry incorporates all companies that produce goods for sale. In addition, companies that manufacture raw materials (unprocessed) are considered under this category too.

You should note that most of the materials and products offered by companies in the basic industry are B2B types. Therefore, their products are typically sold in bulk to other businesses. However, many of these companies, like Procter & Gamble, sell household goods directly.

Type Of Basic Industries:

When it comes to finding jobs in the basic industries then, you should know that there are a few career paths that you can choose from, and they are,

  • Agriculture
  • Steel and metals
  • Mining, oil, gas extraction, and quarrying
  • Chemicals
  • Textile Mills
  • Utilities
  • Paper

Characteristics Of Basic Industries

Basic Industry Characteristics

There are a lot of basic industries field companies, but first, it is important to know what are the characteristics of such industries. Since you want to know about what companies are in the basic industries field, some of their characteristics are:

1. Highly Trained Personnel

Since the work done in basic industries mostly involve manual labor, the workforce is highly trained. Knowing how to use the instruments and machinery in factories is a necessity.

2. Physical Nature Of Work

Since most manual labor is involved, the employees have to be physically strong enough to carry out all these tasks. As an employee, you will be mostly carrying heavy loads in your back, with no sedentary moments involved.

3. Impact On the Environment

Since companies in basic industries create a large number of waste products, they have a heavy toll on the environment. This is why these companies need to have lots of pollution control measures in place to be as eco-friendly as possible.

4. Technical Jobs

Basic industry companies have jobs that are also pretty technical in nature. This is because lots of machinery is used in the manufacturing process of goods. Therefore, you need to be trained to use these machines on a daily basis.

5. Hazardous Conditions

Every production plant is said to be a hazard of sorts. This is because a lot of the machinery in these plants can lead to accidents if carelessly used. In addition, various raw materials used in production can be hazardous if they come in direct contact.

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Pros And Cons Of Basic Industries

Pros And Cons Of Basic Industries

Whenever you are looking for a job, it is important that you look into the pros and cons of working there, so to help you out, here are a few of the pros and cons of the basic industries.


  • Job Stability
  • Low barrier to entry
  • Training opportunities
  • Opportunity for growth


  • Labor-intensive jobs
  • Workforce based on the economy
  • The working conditions are possibly hazardous

What Companies Are In The Basic Industries Field?

To know what companies are in the basic industries field, read this section and learn about these basic industry companies.

1. Chevron Corporation

Chevron Corporation

Industry: Oil and gas

Headquarters: Richmond, California

Chevron Corporation is one of the USA’s biggest oil and gas manufacturing and distributing firms. This basic industry company is responsible for providing most of the oil and gas that you find at fueling stations. In addition to this, the company has expanded its business to more than 50 countries, with more than 77,000 employees globally.

Some of the common recruitment posts of this company include openings in HR, IT, finance, and engineering departments.

2. Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble company

Industry: Household goods

Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio

The name Procter & Gamble (P&G) has become synonymous with most American households as to what companies are in the basic industries field. This company specializes in producing and selling household goods like skincare products, healthcare products, packaged food, clothes, and lots more.

Formed in 1969, this company has expanded to more than 60 countries, with tens of different brands under its belt. Currently, there are more than 95,000 employees. In addition, this company is known for its satisfactory working environment, along with the high ethical standards they follow.

3. PPG Industries

PPG Industries

Industry: Home Interior

Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

If you want to paint your new home (and even your old one), you can rely on PPG Industries to give you the best paints possible. This company is popular for creating some of the best raw materials to create great construction items. This includes paints, varnishes, coatings, and lots more.

PPG Industries gained a lot of traction because it provided customers the option to customize the color of the paints. Also, this company is a merger of five small businesses, including Winsor & Newton, Colfax, and Schwab, that occurred in 1918.

4. Cargill Corporation

Cargill Corporation

Industry: Animal Feed And Refrigerated Foods

Headquarters: Wayzata, Minnesota

Every farmer in the West knows about Cargill. If you want to know about what companies are in the basic industries field, this is one of the biggest. This company primarily produces ingredients used as feed for farm animals, along with lots of processed refrigerated foods too.

Cargill was formed after the merger of two companies in 1915 – JW Cargill Corporation and Dominion Stockyard. This company has various branches in other countries as well, most prominently in South Africa.

5. DuPont De Nemours Incorporated

DuPont De Nemours Incorporated

Industry: Technology-Based Raw Materials, Chemicals, And Other Solutions

Headquarters: Wilmington, Delaware

If you want to know what companies are in the basic industry field and have made it big, DuPont De Nemours is by far the oldest and the biggest. This company has one of the biggest product catalogs, which encompasses a lot of industries.

Formed in 1802, this reputed company has collaborated on various projects with other companies like Kapton, Great Stuff, Corian Design, Delrin, and Cyrel, to name a few.

6. John Deere

John Deere

Industry: Agricultural Machinery And Heavy Equipment

Headquarters: Moline, IL

John Deere is Deere & Company’s brand name. It is one of the famous American brands that manufactures machinery and heavy equipment related to the agriculture industry. They also develop diesel engines and Forestry Machinery. It is one of the best companies in the basic industries. 

7. Newmont Mining Corporation

Newmont Mining Corporation

Industry: Gold Mining Industry

Headquarters: Greenwood Village, CO.

Started in 1921, Newmont is one of the oldest gold mining companies. They have mines in different places, such as Colorado, Mexico, Ontario, Ghana, Quebec, the Dominican Republic, Australia, Argentina, 

8. ExxonMobill


Industry: Oil and Gas

Headquarters: Irving, TX.

One of the American multinational oil and gas corporations is ExxonMobil. Right now, they have many gas stations in that name. 

9. Southern Copper

Southern Copper

Industry: Mining Industry

Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona, United States

Here is another name to answer your question –what companies are in the basic industries field? Founded in 1952, Southern Copper is one of the oldest mining companies helping extract mineral resources from different mines across the US. 

10. Valero Energy

Valero Energy

Industry: Transportation Fuels and PetroChemicals

Headquarters: San Antonio, TX

This is another gas and oil-related company in the basic industry. The company is categorized under the gas and oil refinement industry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Some of the most commonly asked questions related to what companies are in the basic industries field are:

Q1. Is Amazon A Basic Industry?

Ans: No, Amazon will not be considered a basic industry because of the fact that they do not sell raw materials. Instead, they sell processed and packaged goods directly to customers and not to other businesses.

Q2. Is Basic Industries A Good Career Path?

Ans: Working for a company labeled under the basic industry category can be a good decision. This is because businesses from basic industries make a lot of money and have a high production count. On the other hand, you need to work a lot harder as well.

Q3. What Industries Are Basic Industries?

Ans: The primary types of basic industries are:
A. Manufacture of iron and steel
B. Metallurgy
C. Paper
D. Chemicals
E. Milling

Q4. Is Healthcare A Basic Industry?

Ans: No, healthcare is not a basic industry. It is considered such because of the fact that they do not provide any raw materials to their customers. Instead, they provide services to the sick, and to guests in a hotel.


So, what companies are in the basic industries field? There are various countries globally that sell raw materials, and business products and services. These firms produce goods that are typically bought in bulk and sold to other businesses to aid their production processes.

There are many famous basic industry companies, like Procter & Gamble, Chevron, PPG Industries, and Cargill Industries. All these companies are pretty big companies with millions of dollars of revenues.

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