Tips to Design Your Career

by Job & Career 22 July 2021

Design Your Career

To be at the apex of one’s career entails sweat, determination, and a careful plan on how to achieve it. It requires a career map that will guide you on the different actions you will take in achieving your career goals. It will influence your decision as to the kind of course that you are going to take and the different extracurricular activities that you are going to engage in during your college years in order for you to gain a vantage edge as a competitive job candidate in the job market.

Everything has a formula for success. Let me whisper some of those career pathing tips for you to design your career, and learn how talent agility is the future

Weigh Career Options

Weigh Career Options

You build your career based on your choice of what type of career that you wanted to have. Weighing the different options for the type of career is critical, for it will spell out the kind of life that you have in the future. Before jumping into a specific type of career, you must make a self-assessment. In the self-assessment, you will be able to assess the kind of skills, interests, and values you have.

If you have numerous options, you can narrow it down by researching and reviewing the career information about the companies and having an intelligent conversation with those in the professional line. Your internship experience, volunteer actions, and shadowing may further help you narrow your career options.

Learn to Prioritize

You may already have your career bucket, but it should not stop there. You need to learn to prioritize the career options that would better suit you based on your skills, pay benefits, location, and advantages it may give to you and your family. These things must be considered so that you will be able to realize which type of career would be “workable” for you and may bring out the best in you.

Take Time to Compare

The different career options you have may create confusion and difficulty in arriving at your final decision as to the type of career you wanted to have. It is crucial to pick the right “career” for you, for it will gauge the kind of life that you will have in the future. Make a logical comparison among the different career options based on your potentials, interests, skills, and aptitude. As Albert Einstein has said, you cannot expect a fish to climb a tree, which means you can only go up to your career ladder if you got the skills into it. Logically the fish cannot climb, for it is not its forte to climb.

Consider Other Factors

Consider Other Factors

Before you tip your toe to a particular career, you must consider other factors other than your personal preferences, such as the “demand” for that type of profession in the labor market. Do not just on the bandwagon ride as to the current trend and popularity of a particular job, for it may also wane in the future. You can be a “risk-taker” as long as you know that it is appropriate to your skills and aptitude. You must also consider the kind of impact that it may bring to your family, peers, and colleagues. It is better to have a career that has the support of your family and friends.

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Have An Intelligent Choice

Make an intelligent choice as to the type of career that will best work for you based on your situation and comfort zones. You may have multiple career options, but you can reach an intelligent option by narrowing it down to about two to three career options. You can properly choose the kind of job you want or the college degree you wanted to obtain based on the narrowed career options.

Take “SMART” in your goals

Take “SMART” in your goals

Your career goals must be “SMART,” which connotes that they should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. With “SMART,” you can carefully design your own career path and the means of attaining it. Without setting “SMART,” there will be a possibility that you will go astray for you do not put a specific plan and time frame within which to accomplish it.

Design the Career Action Plan

A plan without the appropriate action is futile. It will just remain a vision and a dream. In order for the plan to be realizable, it must be back up with an action plan that would put everything into action. It must be realistic and time-bound. The action plan must clearly indicate the time frame within which the specific career goal will be attained.

It is setting a realistic action plan that would set attainable expectations based on the given time frame. It must contain specific steps in order for you to reach the apex of your career goals. Those specific steps must be carefully planned so that you will not slip along the way. The road towards success in one’s career does not have a magic formula. It requires tedious and careful action.

Talk With A Career Advisor

Seek some insights from a career advisor that will enlighten you as to what is the specific career that will perfectly suit you. Since career advisors had already earned expertise in this field, they will be able to enlighten some of the gray areas you have regarding your career choice. You can openly discuss some of your pressing concerns about your career options.

You can set an appointment with one of our career advisors to properly guide you in making the right choice for your career. Remember that everything that you would be in the future starts from the kind of choice that you will have right now. Since life cannot perfectly plan, you must always set some defensive actions on how to cope with some of life’s unexpected turns. With your career advisor, you will be assured that you will be able to know how to cope with these things.

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