Social Strategies And Trends For 2022

by Marketing 05 November 2021


Statistics show that the average social media user actively engages with social media for over two hours per day. As most people have already adapted to virtual purchasing and living, businesses must ensure that their marketing strategies recognize and adapt to these forces to stay competitive. 

6 Latest Social Strategies And Trend For 2022

6 Latest Social Strategies And Trend For 2022

As time grows, multiple new social trends and strategies keep maintaining the various changes. First, take a look at the recent social trends and know-how. These trends are taking initiatives to make changes in the digital concept.

1. TikTok Continues To Takeover

1. TikTok Continues To Takeover

TikTok has exploded in popularity, especially during the pandemic, becoming the most downloaded app in the world. According to recent statistics, the platform has topped 689 million monthly active users, making it a social media trend with staying power. 

But TikTok is more than just a video app for entertainment. It is poised to be the next big ad platform. Consequently, businesses of any shape and size should use the services of a TikTok agency to diversify their budgets and scale their performance marketing efforts. Promoting your brand on this platform will mean engaging and connecting with consumers through personalized content while simultaneously providing value to them. 

2. Increased Brand Marketing With Instagram Stories

Increased Brand Marketing With Instagram Stories

Instagram enables businesses to exhibit products, humanize their content, and inspire their audience. One of the most powerful features is Instagram Stories. Around 50% of Instagram users learn about a brand’s products, and 85% follow at least one brand. 

That being said, Instagram Stories allows brands to feature their consumers, tell their stories, work with influencers, create polls and quizzes, and even go live. As a result, brands increasingly use this feature to add variety to their social content and keep things fresh. 

3. Facebook’s Push Into eCommerce

Facebook’s Push Into eCommerce

With the introduction of Facebook and Instagram Shops, Facebook made a big push into eCommerce, giving an alternative way for retailers to connect with their potential customers. In-stream buying and new item purchasing have since become an essential element and keep focusing on the platform performances. 

Facebook will expand its social media marketing strategies. And incorporate multiple shoppable posts, streamline the digital payment processes, improve product identification, and create more alerts for available buyable products. 

They also work towards becoming a vital component in the digital infrastructure of emerging markets, with eCommerce set to play a significant role in this transformation. Given this, we will see even more buying and shopping tools, and it is slowly adopted into Facebook and experience over time. 

4. The Video Supremacy

The Video Supremacy

Video content is the most popular choice for content consumption today, and it will continue to dominate social media trends. According to recent statistics, there are approximately 1.86 billion YouTube users worldwide. Additionally, platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, or Instagram are heavy on video content. 

This year, for example, everyone is using live video, from influencers promoting products to music artists holding virtual concerts. In addition, research has found that a significant number of consumers are convinced to buy a product after watching a video. 

Moreover, they are twice as likely to share videos than other types of online content. However, to use video content for marketing your brand, you need to understand the nuance of each platform, the social media trends, and your target audience. 

5. The Mainstream Of Virtual Reality

The Mainstream Of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) headsets and gaming lead the charge. Still, VR has found many other creative uses, thus becoming a leading social media trend. For example, with its help, people get their workouts in remote locations or make tours to different locales. 

Accordingly, Virtual Reality concepts kick up brand messaging at a whole new social media conceptual level. And since every new and old brand has a different story to tell – why not start conveying the message virtually? It can be a super exciting way to show your consumers around and tell your brand story. 

6. AI-Informed Decisions Will Continue To Be A Must

AI-Informed Decisions Will Continue To Be A Must

Today, there is so much social media action that it is beyond human capability to process it all. For this reason, brands must use social media analytics powered by Artificial Intelligence to stay on top of trends. 

Artificial Intelligence enables businesses to capture every brand mentioned and help in building the ultimate consumer, competitive, and market intelligence. When it comes to AI, brand managers need it to help them make sense of the ongoing social media trends and make informed decisions. That means they are indispensable to doing good business. 

However, keep in mind that not all AI tools are created equal. Do not settle for low-quality and pretty graphs. Opting for top-rated AI ensures your brand health metrics are trustworthy. 


The above-described key social strategies are some of the many you can expect to continue to shape the business landscape in 2022. And while not everyone among these social media trends will apply to every single brand, it is good to keep a perspective on them and learn which may benefit your business.

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