Crucial Pointers To Ace The AZ-204 Exam – Developing Solutions For Microsoft Azure

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AZ-204 Exam

Are you looking forward to clearing the AZ-204 Exam?

This Microsoft-certified AZ-204 exam is generally for cloud developers who wish to keep building solutions for Microsoft Azure.

However, anyone leaning towards developing, designing, and deploying various application architectures on Azure may attempt this exam.

Many cloud architects, cloud administrators, and developers take this exam to gain more knowledge on application architectures using containers, Azure application services, etc. This certification will make you stand out amongst all other resumes.

Companies are seeking certified Azure Developers who are experts in Azure solutions while implementing Azure security and other third-party services. If you wish to clear this exam, stay tuned to learn more about the details of AZ-204 training and the criteria to ace this Microsoft Azure Exam.

What Is The AZ-204 Exam?

What Is The AZ-204 Exam

The az-204 exam is an Associate Level Examination with an intermediate level of difficulty as compared to the rest of the Microsoft role-based exams.

There are five modules for this exam which are listed below so that you can prepare for the certifications based on the syllabus pattern of each module. 

Module 1: Develop An Azure compute solution.

This covers the development and deployment of Application Services, Integrating Azure Functions and other 3rd party services while developing it, hosting, and binding concepts.

Module 2: Develop for Azure storage

A lot of questions on Azure Storage can be expected as it is Microsoft’s object storage solution for the cloud. Various categories of storage accounts and related questions may be asked in the exams. Give the most weightage to Azure Cosmos Database structure.

Module 3: Implement The Azure security

Questions from Azure Virtual Machine, ARM Template deployment, Virtual machine availability options, Resource Manager Templates, and deployment codes are to be expected.

Module 4: Monitor, Troubleshoot, And Optimize The Azure Solutions.

Key Vault API, Storing Secrets, and keys to monitor access and use, along with Simplified administration, are topics covered in this module.

Module 5: Connect to & consume Azure and other 3rd party services

A huge percentage of questions on Configuration and Interaction with az-204 exam Cache for Redis, Azure CDN, and Azure Monitoring data platform can be expected. 

Weightage of questions from all modules:

  1. Develop An Azure Compute Solutions (around 25–30 percent)
  2. Develop for Azure Storage (around 15–20 percent)
  3. Implement Azure Security (around 20–25 percent)
  4. Monitor, Troubleshoot & Optimize Azure Solutions (around 15–20 percent)
  5. Connect to + Consume Azure Services & Third-Party Services ( around 15–20 percent) 

Candidates Profile for the Exam:

  • Candidates eligible for this examination are cloud developers who take part in all levels of development, right from requirements to design and definition to development, deployment plus maintenance.
  • Candidates partner with cloud DBAs, clients, and cloud administrators to implement solutions.
  • Candidates must be skilled in Azure SDKs, data connections, data storage options, APIs, app authentication & authorization, debugging, performance tuning, compute and container deployment, and monitoring.
  • Candidates should have one to two years of professional development experience with Microsoft Azure.
  • Candidates must be able to use an Azure-supported language and should be skilled in using az-204 exam CLI, Azure PowerShell, etc.   

AZ-204 Exam Pattern:

AZ-204 Exam Pattern

The az-204 exam details are discussed in the table below. To score maximum marks, attempt every question to be at least rewarded partial marking. 

No. Of questions40-60
Duration of exam150 minutes
Difficulty LevelIntermediate
Passing Percentage70 percent
Exam TypeTesting Centre / Self Proctored
Question TypesMCQs, Drag & Drop, Recording, Yes or No / Case Studies / Command Line Questions
Fee4800 INR (Redemption if you get a referral voucher).
Validity2 Years
ServicesStorage, Compute, Container, App Services, COSMOS DB, APIM, Monitoring, and Application Insights.
Exam LocationPearson Centre/ At Home or Office/ Private Access Code

How to prepare for the AZ-204 Exam?

Thorough solving of practice tests while attending the AZ-204 training program will be helpful to ace the exam. There are several self-learning portals like Microsoft Documentation, Microsoft Learn Portal, and Microsoft Official Courseware. 

In addition, there are several dedicated websites to solve mock tests and gather self-learning materials and references for free. The instructor lead AZ- 204 training is strongly recommended as it can help you earn the coveted certification. 

There are other certification courses offered by Microsoft, such as the AZ-900 exam certification. This az-204 exam measures a candidate’s ability to describe the following topics like Azure architecture and services, Cloud Concepts, and Azure Governance with Azure Management. The AZ-900 certification cost in India is INR 3,696+GST.

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Wrapping up with Key Takeaways:

The primary focus of the az-204 exam Developing Microsoft Solutions Certification is for candidates to qualify as subject matter experts, Azure developers, and implement solutions.

This exam is a thorough test on understanding various levels of the Software Development cycle. To delve into the intricacies of aspects, you may connect with our finest mentors from the AZ-204 training program to receive relevant lab suggestions.

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