How To Access Victim Disaster Compensation Fund For The 9/11

by Legal 21 September 2023

Victim Compensation Fund

Disasters will always strike, and it’s difficult to predict which one will happen or how catastrophic they will be. The government has a significant role to play at such times, including prevention, harm to people or destruction of property. Besides, the nature of disasters will also determine the level of involvement of a national government and other bodies to rescue victims. 

The nature of a disaster determines the way to handle it. In extreme fatalities and bodily harm cases, the government avails a Victim Compensation Fund (VCF) to help them live a quality life. For instance, the 9/11 victim compensation fund is out, and victims are expected to file and get what they deserve. 

The Roles Of A Government In Providing Disaster Compensation

Victim compensation mainly covers bodily injuries, deaths, property losses, financial losses, and diseases contracted due to the disaster. Here are the government’s major roles in providing disaster compensation to victims. 

  • Facilitating the acceptance of private recompense to sort out the consequences of the disaster.
  • Assure victims of access to insurance even when the market fails.
  • Providing victim compensation for failure to prevent the disaster. 
  • Compensating victims as an alternative to Tort Recovery law
  • Assisting communities overwhelmed by the disaster.

Who Will Benefit From The 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund?

The U.S. recognizes the need to compensate the victims of the September 9/11 disaster and their families. The victim recompense will provide financial compensation for anyone who suffered diseases due to inhaling toxins from the debris. Some of the diseases included in the fund are aerodigestive disorders and cancers. Here are other conditions the compensation fund will cover. 

  • Interstitial lung disease
  • Obstruction of the airway
  • Inflammatory disorders in the upper highway
  • Gastroesophageal reflux disorder
  • Loss of sleep due to obstruction of the trachea (Sleep apnea)
  • Musculoskeletal disorders

Although the list above isn’t exhaustive, victims must present sufficient information about their suffering caused by the disaster within the stipulated time. Victims were supposed to register before the end of 29, 2021. However, those who did not make it have a two-year window to do so if they suffer from a condition related to the 9/11 disaster. The victims have nothing to prove as long as the onset of their illness or disease and diagnosis match the disaster dates.

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Reasons Some Victims Missed To Register For The 9/11Compensation Fund

Many victims of September 9/11 weren’t aware of the set dates to file for the compensation fund, hence missed submission opportunities. However, there’s a window to file and receive compensation for the victims and their families suffering from the disaster. Here’s what you need to know as you pursue the claim:

  • Missing filing deadlines can make you ineligible – Missing the filing deadline of the VCF can make victims ineligible. However, you can revive the claim and pursue it to fruition.
  • Denied timelines leading to pending appeals – Victims with pending appeals due to late filing have a reason to smile. The claims will be reviewed and most likely made eligible for compensation if they check all requirement boxes. Some requirements include proving that the victims were within the exposure zone. 
  • Failure to file due to untimeliness – Suppose you didn’t file for a VCF claim due to untimeliness. You can go ahead and resent it. 


Disasters like the 9/11 bombing can end life or cause individuals to live a life of dependency, robbing them of quality life. However, the U.S. government stepped up to ensure anyone suffering due to the disaster can get VCF and continue living a worthy life. Additionally, victims who didn’t file for the above reasons got more time to do so and receive VCF like anyone else. 

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