How Practice Tests Help You Get A G1 License In Ontario

by Legal 25 September 2023

G1 License

Ontario drivers enjoy the thrills and possibilities that come with being behind the wheel. To enjoy the perks that they provide, you first have to pass the G1 test with flying colors.

The road to acquiring your G1 license in Ontario may appear winding and full of challenges. If you’re anxious and terrified of the outcome, you’d definitely be interested in this powerful tool we’re about to introduce.

We’re talking about G1 practice tests. They’re your one-way ticket to success on your first attempt at the G1 written test. Everyone aspiring to get a G1 license should check this out.

How Practice Tests Can Increase Your Chances of Success in your G1 license exam

Here are some of the reasons you should commit to taking practice tests religiously.

They cover every topic you’ll be quizzed on

Nothing beats the effectiveness of practice tests. These tests offer a very comprehensive study aid that helps you prepare for your exam. They are designed to have a very encompassing approach, so every section you’ll be quizzed on will be duly covered.

We’re talking about traffic signs, emergency procedures, driving etiquette, environmental awareness, and so on.

Preparing not only arms you with the knowledge and resources you need to avoid a re-sitting fee, but it also gives you confidence in your abilities. This confidence just might be what saves your life if you ever get into a sticky situation.

They Help You Build Your time management skills

Time management is a skill that will come in handy for you before, during, and after your license exam. Practice tests help you develop a structured study plan that accommodates your schedule effectively. This way, you can pursue both a G1 license as well as other endeavors.

That’s not all. You also get to identify and stick to efficient answering patterns. You’ll know the questions that demand more time and retrospection. These questions are typically your weak points that you need to work on. If these questions drain your time, you’ll adapt to other strategies, such as skipping them and returning later.

Time management also equips your mind with quick-thinking skills. With time and constant practice, you’ll improve on accuracy as well.

They offer you a customized learning

customized learning

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to studying. Practice test sites usually assess your current level of skill and knowledge to come up with a customized learning plan for you.

These customized plans help you become proficient in difficult areas at your own pace. Most of them offer self-paced learning that allows you to align your study schedule with your personal commitments and energy levels.

Also, research shows that personalized learning helps your brain retain information even better. This means that you’ll have a higher chance of remembering all that you studied during your actual Ontario G1 driving test.

They allow you to track your progress

Perhaps one of the most significant advantages of practice tests is the instant feedback they provide. Incorrect answers are flagged, and the correct ones are explained, allowing you to learn from your mistakes immediately. 

You’ll find this very helpful if you’re interested in tracking how far you’ve come so far. You get to identify your weak spots, work on them, and retake the tests again. If you happen to get a low score in that area, it’s a sign that you’ve not gotten to the industry standard and that you need to keep practicing.

They make you familiar with the structure and format of the license test

Those who sit for the G1 test without any prior experience or practice are often met with confusion. The format and structure of the test dampen their confidence, which in turn decreases their chances of success.

In the G1 test, there are various question types, including multiple-choice, true-false, and scenario-based questions. And then there’s a sectional breakdown covering different topics such as road signs, rules of the road, and safe driving practices.

Since the practice test is designed to mirror everything in the actual test, you will be fully ready for anything that appears on the exam. You’ll get full coaching on how questions are presented and the best way to approach and solve these questions.

About the Actual G1 License Test

About the Actual G1 License Test



The G1 license test is designed to test every aspiring Ontario driver and assess their roadworthiness. The graduate licensing process has three steps to mark completion; the G1 license test is the first step in the process.

The test comprises 40 multiple-choice questions. You need a passing score of 80% to earn this certificate.

This is a computer-based test that is available in over 24 languages. The best part is that you are not limited by time, so you can take the test at your own pace without any anxiety.

After the test, you only have to wait a few minutes to get your results. If you do not like your grades, you have the chance to resit them immediately. All you have to do is pay a resitting fee.

What questions to expect

Expect questions that test your knowledge of road rules and traffic signs. Most of these questions will tap into the knowledge you were supposedly infused with at college, driving training, and practice tests.

The aim of this test is to determine not only if this driver has the skills to safely navigate the road but also the know-how required to not put anyone else in danger.

How to prepare

As mentioned earlier, preparation is the key to success. Here’s how you can prepare for a G1 license exam:

  • Study using free or paid resources.
  • Get a copy of the driver’s manual and familiarize yourself with its content.
  • Take as many practice tests as you can.
  • Consider enrolling in a driving class.
  • Ensure all the required documents are available before you show up.

How to book

You can either book an appointment online at the DriveTest website or in person at your local DriveTest Center.

You’re allowed to choose your test center yourself. Endeavor to choose a center that won’t be too far from your current location. Also, your chosen day should be a day when you’re absolutely unoccupied.

Wrapping up

The perks of practice tests are plenty. Overall, you have a 100% chance of success if you dedicate time and resources to these tests. Nobody likes to fail. With a G1 license test, the power to ensure you don’t is in your hands. Don’t let it slip.

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