Application of 3D Printing Across Different Industries

by Technology 02 November 2021

3D Printing

You can make a significant difference by incorporating 3D printing into your workflow. On completion, you will print prototypes and concepts in a few hours. You can also produce several iterations cheaply and quickly.

3D printing services are used in almost every field. They were first used in the early 1980s to print car parts. Below we discuss the application of 3D printing.

1. In the Dental Sector

3D printing is applied in dental 3D services. It is also used to design dental crowns and aligners. Most dental techniques need you to bite into blocks, and some find this uncomfortable.

A 3D scanner is used to design mouth designs, and you can achieve it without biting anything.

It is then used to create the crown mold. It is also possible to print dental models during your visit to the dentist.

This means it saves a lot of time.

2. Designing Bridges and Houses

2. Designing Bridges and Houses

3D Printers offer a cheap and fast housebuilding process, unlike the olden days. It is possible to build a whole house chassis in a few hours. This feature works best for making shelters for those who have been displaced.

3D printers do not need an experienced builder because they operate using CAD files. This has several benefits where there are limited builders at a particular site. 3D house printing is considered the future of the construction sector.

3. Clothing Sector

3D printed clothes are becoming popular even though they are just getting started. It is possible to design custom clothes with the help of TPU and intricate.

However, it takes a long time to make these clothes, and they are expensive. Researchers expect a significant innovation in the next few years. This innovation will lead to the creation of advanced designs.

Few people know about the application of 3D printing in the clothing sector. However, we expect its use to increase in this sector.

4. Gun Production

This is one of the worrying applications of 3D printing. It is easy to make 3D-printed guns at home by use of the available filament. You also need some metal parts to complete the task. It is also easy to find some 3D gun designs online, and you can get them for free.

These guns are not detectable by metal detectors, and they lack a serial number. You can even shoot live rounds using it. Some terrified governments banned these files from the internet to curb their production.

These guns came into existence in 2012, and they posed a threat to the user at first. They also lacked the anarchy most people were afraid of at that time. They are still a topic of concern, with many people doubting their legality.

5. The Car Industry

3D printers were first used in the car industry to make new car prototypes. With the advancement in technology, it is used for several other purposes. We have seen specific projects that have made 3D-printed cars.

These automobiles range from tiny and easy-to-handle cars that have speeds of 40mph. An example is the Motors Strati. There are also 3D printed fast cars like Blade Divergent.

3D printing is also used to revive classic automobiles from their parking spot. This technology has also appeared in old films in the 80s. Everybody wants to own a classic car, but most lack spare parts due to their time in the market.

Remember, they are no longer being produced, and they cease to exist because they lack new parts. 3D printing offers a solution to this problem. You can scan the area and have spare parts for these classics.

6. Designing Sneakers and Shoes

3D printing has had the most effect in printing shoes. It has several functions in this sector besides creating sneakers and sandals. Top sneaker companies like Adidas and Nike use this technology to design shoes.

These 3D shows have been sold to millions around the world. Eliud Kipchoge wore an example of such a shoe-in his famous marathon victory.

7. Bioprinting

7. Bioprinting


3D printing has more functions than making metals or plastic. It is possible to use its bioprinting technology to create human-like cells. You can also use it to make organ tissues. The body usually turns down transplants from other donors. This means a patient’s cells must be taken to design this cell.

Most of these processes work out and are accepted by the body. This technology is still in its first steps, but there is a lot that lies ahead. 3D printing has also been used to print lung and heart models recently.

Experts have also used it to transplant tissues on mice with connected blood vessels.

Final Thoughts

3D printing is a standard technology in most fields. It has an effect in several industries like gun production. It also works in hand with CNC machining services for the most impact.

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