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by Technology 30 May 2023

Call Tracking

While our day-to-day communication typically boils down to messaging and sometimes emailing, their effectiveness can hardly compete with phone calls. The truth is that your smartphone is a valid and effective communication channel for any type of business.

Some people underestimate the capabilities and benefits of phone calls. After all, it’s one of the few ways to hear a person and share valuable information with them without meeting in person. It’s enough to connect your business phone system to any available call tracking services these days. It’s easier than it seems at first glance!

Everything About Call Tracking Software

If you’re going to add the latest solutions to your business, you’ve landed in the right place. Here we’ll explore the call tracking software basics and principles, the effect it has on different businesses, and the benefits you can get with this product. Besides, we will mention the product types so that you can choose the best solution for your business. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, we’re going to guide you through this maze explaining the features of call-tracking tools.

What Is Phone Call Tracking?

Phone Call Tracking

First of all, it is a parameter that determines how the target audience learns about your company, product, service, and so on. Furthermore, business owners prefer to call tracking to check the effectiveness of marketing strategies they have implemented so far.

For this reason, it becomes an extremely important tool that provides information about the source from which consumers learn about a particular company. Put simply, call tracking provides you with additional information because now it becomes available. You can use it to assess the effectiveness of your marketing or staff efforts.

Call Tracking Types and Features

Call tracking is a complex tool available in several types today. Each of them has its own tasks that help one type of business or another.

  • Call tracking of the primary level. If your goal is to track small metrics or a specific company, this might be a good choice. But keep in mind, it’s good only for a single strand of communication measures.
  • Campaign-based call tracking. Different campaigns and numbers are the basis of this tool. Suppose a brand has got multiple conversions in different campaigns. Therefore, each company has its own number, which simplifies lead management. The campaign-based call is useful considering calls coming from various websites and campaigns altogether.
  • Advanced level call tracking. Now suppose you own a business and place your phone number in different countries to attract customers. As practice shows, you won’t know the country-specific calls until you start using advance level tracking. The selected tool allows you to consolidate all the searches on different continents easily.

The technologies mentioned above exist to help you to automate interaction with the target audience and significantly improve marketing results.

What Are the Features of Call Tracking?

 Features of Call Tracking

Having checked the call tracking we have more questions about the software’s nature and functions, right? The truth is that the tool is more flexible than you might think. For instance, you can insert a line of code into your site to activate the program. Or configure the software in such a way that it registers calls and the country of origin as they come in.

As the business owner you’re able to get more information and details about daily calls from your company. The software does cover the caller ID, call duration, and even some demographic information. Moreover, you can even save this data if you think you may need it in the future.

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Why Implement Call Tracking Services?

These days, phone calls are an effective tool for engaging the target audience. Call tracking allows companies to simplify the management of potential clients. It shows their reaction to various marketing strategies and solutions chosen by a business. If you are keen to learn about all the benefits of implementing call-tracking services, then keep reading.

  • Measurable ROI. With this tool, you will be able to measure the profitability of your marketing strategy. Capturing the behavior and preferences of the clients, it plays a key role for any company or business. You’ll find out which service they liked or which version of the products received higher ratings.
  • Caller’s Insights. If you’re looking to fill the silo between your own business and user-based experience, then call tracking is something you can’t do without. With its help, you will deeply analyze the behavior of customers and their requests generated over a certain period.
  • Performance Review. The recommended tracking tool also comes to the rescue when an agent’s performance must be evaluated. By tracking calls, you can find out how many are evaluated and missed, for example.
  • Quick Followups. The name speaks for itself. The tracking system increases service level thanks to timely follow-ups and less customer wait time.
  • Constant Review. This way, you’ll also improve the performance of your team. If a company knows more about its clients, its members can be trained more effectively, becoming more useful to the business and customers.
  • Offload a lot of Labor. Last but not least, having an IVR (interactive voice response) in your arsenal will reduce the workload of current contact centers.

As you can see, many reasons exist to start using this solution in your business today. It is extremely effective, especially when it comes to customer service.

Final Thoughts

We did our best to describe in detail the features and pros of the call-tracking software presented on the market today. But you must still be wondering which one to choose. We know it can be difficult because of the variety of options. However, some services are more popular than others, and you should explore them first.

By selecting the best tools, you are guaranteed to improve your business. By collecting more information about end-users you will significantly increase the efficiency of your team and marketing strategy and most importantly – get happy customers!

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