Organic Hemp CBD Flower: How to Choose

by How to Guides Published on: 14 October 2020 Last Updated on: 28 December 2022

CBD Flower

For a long time, hemp production has been prohibited because of its close resemblance to its cousin plant, marijuana. While in the early 1900s, hemp was a very popular cash crop, laws were later established prohibiting the industrial production of hemp. It was not until researchers realized how hemp can be beneficial that several states passed bills legalizing the industrial production of hemp again.

Organic hemp CBD flower has now become very popular because of its low THC levels and ability to treat conditions like anxiety, depression, acne, heart disease, pain, and other sleep disorders. Researchers have suggested that the list of medical conditions that organic hemp CBD can treat may be even wider. Because of this, several companies selling CBD products have emerged.

Choosing the best CBD flower is now a great challenge because of the numerous dealers available. Many of these dealers are interested in grabbing a share of this rapidly-growing industry with little emphasis on quality. The following tips can guide you in choosing the best organic CBD hemp flower.

Farming methods used

If you are looking for hemp products that get you high, you need to start right at their points of origin. How the product is farmed has a major impact on its THC levels. It is these THC levels that act as the psychoactive substance that can lead to someone experiencing a buzz. However, many brands that are looking to get the advantages of hemp minus the THC look to alter their farming methods accordingly.

One of the areas where hemp CBD flower is widely used is pain relief for cancer patients. Therefore, it should not be a cause of cancer. That is why many people buying hemp CBD strains prefer one that is organically produced. Hemp flowers that have been sprayed with pesticides can put users at risk of contracting diseases like cancer.

One of the leading producers of organic hemp CBD flowers is Berkshire CBD. The company is renowned for its quality hemp buds of various strains, all of which are organically grown. Berkshire CBD has now rebranded to Cannaflower in an effort to keep up with the rapidly evolving hemp industry. However, customers should have no worries as the premium flower and quality of service will still remain the same.

CBD content

This should be amongst your top considerations while searching for the best organic hemp CBD flower. Depending on how the hemp has been cultivated and the conditions where it was grown, there can be variations in the CBD content between hemp sold by various dealers. Make sure that you choose CBD flowers with CBD levels of 10% and above. This is because hemp flowers with this CBD content tend to be more powerful and effective.

However, it is also important that you understand what levels are safe and effective for different age groups. Higher CBD percentages might be good for adults, but not so much for senior citizens. According to penguin cbd, consumers should pay careful attention to the packaging and labeling of the product and see the percentage of CBD mentioned. This is because the same differs from brand to brand and product to product.

The reputation of the brand

To get the most out of your hemp CBD flower, you have to choose flowers of good quality. Great quality is assured if you purchase your flowers from established brands. The established brands have made their name by selling quality hemp flowers. On top of that, most of these brands have 24-hour customer support ready to respond to your queries.

This, however, does not imply that you should shy away from sourcing your CBD flowers from new brands. There are brands that are still growing but sell quality hemp CBD flowers. You can always use online reviews to find out whether it is a good idea to source organic hemp from them.


Since a lot of states began legalizing the industrial production of hemp, the hemp CBD market has been growing rapidly. Several companies dealing with hemp have emerged, but not all of them guarantee quality flowers. The above tips can help you choose the best organic hemp CBD flowers.

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