6 Tips To Improve Your Next Webinar

by How to Guides 26 February 2021


When you’re planning a webinar, it can be easy to get carried away with ensuring you have as many people attending as possible. However, even if you have 150 registered, it’s what happens during the session that makes them stay to the end. Some webinars are more successful than others, and you want the audience to come away feeling like they have invested their time well.

So what’s the best solution to engage your audience? Take a look at some tips to improve your next webinar below:

1. Test Your Slides on Different Devices:

Just because your slideshow looks good on your computer doesn’t mean it will look the same across different devices. One of the areas that cause issues for attendees is the ability to view slides on the device they are using. Many presentations are designed using one screen size, but be sure to optimize it for 11 or 13-inch screens too.

2. Use a Moderator:

Hosting a webinar can mean you are wearing a lot of hats while you’re presenting. To avoid distractions, use a moderator to free you up for the vital job of explaining the information. A moderator can interact with attendees during the webinar and manage comments to ensure you don’t go way off-topic. They will also keep track of time, especially if you are asking questions during the session.

3. Use Live Captioning:

To make your webinar accessible to everyone, use voice to text transcription services. This provides captioning instantaneously and provides with hearing loss the opportunity to take part in the session. This function is also ideal for people who are tuning in where they are unable to listen to the event with the sound on.

4. Record and Transcribe the Session:

Don’t forget to record the webinar and make it available for attendees after the event. Notify everyone when the session will be available to avoid hundreds of emails asking the same question. However, provide the recording as soon as possible afterward and transcribe the session too. People have a lot of content thrust at them all the time so make sure yours is still fresh in their memory after the event.

5. Set up The Webinar in a Professional Setting:

When presenting your content, make sure there are as few distractions as possible. Try to keep the background clear and avoid anything that makes it looks messy, for example, piles of files or boxes in the location. Check the lighting too. You want to ensure the setting isn’t too dark or has any glaring lights towards the camera.

6. Provide Value and Information:

6. Provide Value and Information:

The main area that a webinar should focus on is providing value to the attendees. Even if you are providing a sales pitch or business solution, individuals should come away feeling like they learned something new. Promotional angles should be kept to a minimum to keep people engaged. However, instead, provide case studies and offer discounted services outside of the webinar to keep them interested.

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