UK PM Sunak Announces Steps To Crack Down On Soaring Immigration Rate

by News 05 December 2023

Crack Down On Soaring Immigration Rate

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, on Monday, made an announcement about a series of new steps that would help to crack down on the increasing immigration rate in the country.

Sunak explained these measures as the ‘radical action’ of the government to bring down the high immigration rates. He also added that immigration benefits the country.

As a part of these new measures, the government will be curbing international students from bringing their folks to the country unless they are pursuing a postgraduate research degree and increasing the minimum salary that skilled overseas employees are required to earn if they want a visa to work in Britain.

Taking his statement to X, Prime Minister Sunak said, “Immigration is too high. Today we’re taking radical action to bring it down. These steps will make sure that immigration always benefits the UK.”

“IMMIGRATION ACTION, BANNING overseas students from bringing their families to the UK, unless they are on postgraduate research degrees, STOPPING immigration undercutting British workers, SCRAPPING the 20% going rate salary discounts offered for shortage occupations,” he posted.

Last year, the net migration levels to the United Kingdom touched a record high, which put tremendous pressure on the UK government that has made this issue a political touchstone.

Britain witnessed a net migration of 606,000 people in the previous year, as per the Office for National Statistics, with approximately 1.2 million people arriving in the country but only half the number leaving.

“The main drivers of the increase were people coming to the UK from non-EU countries for work, study and for humanitarian purposes,” said Jay Lindop, the Director of the Centre for International Migration at the ONS. As per reports, Indian nationals were issued the highest number of work, study, and visitor visas according to the UK Immigration Statistics.

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