PM Narendra Modi Arrives In Dubai To Attend World Climate Action Summit

by News 01 December 2023

PM Narendra Modi Arrives In Dubai

On Thursday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for support for developing countries with sufficient climate technologies and financing transfer to let them handle climate change as he reached the Gulf Emirate to attend the World Climate Action Summit.

Before Modi left New Delhi, he said he was joyous to see that an event of this significance was hosted under the Presidency of UAE, which is an important partner of India when it comes to climate action.

“In keeping with our civilizational ethos, India has always laid emphasis on climate action even as we pursue social and economic development,” he added.

“During our G20 presidency, climate was high on our priority. The New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration includes numerous concrete steps on climate action and sustainable development. I look forward to the COP28 taking forward the consensus on these issues,” Modi mentioned in his statement.

Modi will be attending the World Climate Action Summit held on Friday with the United Nations “Conference of the Parties,” which is known as the COP28.

Multiple global leaders are set to attend this summit to discuss the ways in which greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced and how the world can effectively combat climate change.

The World Climate Action Summit is the top-level segment of the COP28.

The Prime Minister is supposed to participate in three other top-level segments of the COP28. The whole event is taking place from 30th November to 13th December under the Presidency of the UAE.

“At the Voice of Global South Summit convened by India, the Global South spoke for the need for climate action based on the principles of equity, climate justice, and common but differentiated responsibilities, as well as a greater focus on adaptation,” Modi said. “It is important that efforts of the developing world be supported with adequate climate financing and technology transfer. They must have access to equitable carbon and development space to achieve sustainable development,” he further added.

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