Have No Regrets About Returning, Despite Challenges, Says Disney’s Iger

by News 29 November 2023

Bob Iger has no regrets about returning

Walt Disney Co. Chief Executive Officer Bob Iger has no regrets about returning to lead the company last year despite facing “myriad challenges.”

“I won’t say that it was easy, but I’ve never second-guessed the decision to come back, and being back still feels great,” Iger said on Tuesday at a Town Hall event for the staffers, which was moderated by anchor David Muir of ABC News.

This event took place at the New Amsterdam Theater in New York, where the Broadway show Aladin by Disney also appeared.

It was intended to rally the employees after the year that had witnessed the lay-off of about 8,000 employees to increase profitability.

Iger, who made a mistake just a year before the dismissal of his hand-picked successor, Bob Chapek, said that the company has come out of a year of fixing many things and will now focus on improving things.

The 72-year-old executive also mentioned that the business is to return more authority to the divisional leaders like ESPN Chairman Jimmy Pitaro and TV Chief Dana Walden.

Pitaro, who was also one of the speakers at the event, added that the company has been working towards a launch of a direct-to-consumer version of ESPN in 2025.

“We are in the market right now doing research,” he added. “We’re looking at things like timing, things like price point.”

Iger had also suggested that the organization may sell television networks like ABC; however, Walden mentioned that those channels are essential components of business as they can coordinate with Disney’s Disney+ and Hulu streaming services. “What we’ve discovered is that our linear channels are very deeply embedded in our streaming strategy,” she said.

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