President Biden’s Reelection Campaign Expects To Raise $15 Mn In Five Days

by News 06 December 2023

President Biden's Reelection Campaign Expects To Raise $15 Mn In Five Days

President Joe Biden’s campaign for reelection is expected to raise an amount more than $15 million through a series of events throughout the country and some other appeals within the next five days, an individual familiar with these efforts said on Tuesday night.

Biden came back to Washington on Tuesday night after participating in three fundraisers that took place in Boston, with the songwriter and singer James Taylor, who performed at those concerts for the donors.

Former hedge fund manager Joe Mazzella and wedding planner Bryan Rafanelli were also among all other business leaders who had their names on the guest list for this event.

The US President had accelerated his efforts to fundraise within the current weeks with less than just a month before the beginning of the election year.

On Friday, he planned to go to Los Angeles, where all the luminaries of Hollywood, which includes director Rob Reiner and Steven Spielberg and producer Shonda Rhimes, will be among the renowned hosts at this gala fundraiser.

The First Lady Jill Biden will also be among the attendees of the event along with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, additionally with the President as per the invitation received by Bloomberg.

This campaign of Biden announced that it, along with the Democratic National Committee, had raised a total of $71.3 million in the last quarter. Biden had approximately $91 million cash in hand, although his efforts in fundraising dropped short of then-President Donald Trump’s in the same period of the 2020 campaign for reelection.

Biden’s expected haul has been topping the $9.3 million that Trump had raised from all the big donors for his reelection campaign back in December 2019. Barack Obama had raised $9.2 million for his reelection campaign in December 2011. However, the contributors could only give a maximum of $33,300 back then. Biden may raise $929,600 from people while splitting the money among the campaign, the state parties, and the Democratic National Committee.

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