Essential Traits Of A Quality Building Inspector

by Job & Career 12 January 2023

Quality Building Inspector

Building inspector Auckland does everything from weighing and measuring products to quality building and checking samples of products and doing tests on-site. They work in many different fields, such as furniture, electronics, attractive toys, kitchenwares, other consumer goods, cosmetics, food, and even more. 

First, make sure that each of the products meets the needs, standards, and safety rules of the client. They are on the front lines and go from each factory to factory to look for problems and report them. They are true from your eyes and ears, and their job is based on what you want from quality building inspections.

3 Most Valued Traits Which Every Quality Building Inspector Should Have

For the quality building inspectors’ jobs, here are the three common traits which every inspector should have.

1. English Language Ability

English Language Ability

Most of the time, a person who wants to be an inspector needs to be able to read and write English very well. All of the following inspection materials are usually given in English by importers: 

  • Detail quality building about the item
  • Artwork
  • Inspection criteria and other types of requirements
  • Inspection standards, along with other limits, work well as QC checklists
  • The inspector will need to know everything about the things being inspected. 

The candidate also requires to be professional at writing English since inspectors have to write a report about their findings that is accurate. 

2. Use Of Reason And Detail Attentions To The Incident

Detail Attentions To The Incident

As quality control inspectors, they must be observant and pay attention to details. They must also approach their work in a logical way. It is easy to see why paying attention to the little things is so important in quality control. 

Small problems with the quality building of the products are often hard to see unless you know what to look for more about the classifying defects, through see 3 Types of Quality Defects in Different Products). 

It’s also important to pay attention to details when trying to figure out what might have caused a defect. For example, a quality control inspector’s responsibility is to notice the cartons of ceramic cups and bowls are stacked too high and are crushing the packaging of those below. 

3. Skills For Communicating Well

Communicating Well

A QC inspector needs to be able to talk to people well. They are usually sent to work alone in a factory for several hours at a time or more. They need to be able to talk to the factory staff and their manager if something goes wrong or if they have a question. 

If an inspector is afraid to ask questions or voice concerns, they end up going with their gut or making a decision based on what they think is best. Neither of these is ideal. 

A good inspector is completely unbiased. 

“A good inspector is completely impartial.”

They use the information given to them and by their supervisors. The importer whose goods they are inspecting. And their only job is to tell people what they find. If they have questions about how to do something, they have to tell the factory staff or their supervisor in the process of quality building.

4. Skill With Technology

You might not think about quality building QC inspectors, who must know a lot about your specific type of product before they can start to check it. But in reality, as long as they are having the above skills and inspection tools, most people should be able to inspect your product unless it is unique or complicated.

More complicated products require detailed knowledge about the testing process. My strong technical background requires more specific knowledge about the products. But this is 2023. AI tools are widely used for testing.

Maybe you are coming from the same background, but some expert knowledge for dealing with technological advancement is always required. And technical skills like basic computer knowledge are also the basic things that every QC inspector should have.

Here are some of the basic technical knowledge which every QC tester should have.

  • Working ability with MS Office.
  • The ability to operate digital cameras and other types of technical gadgets.
  • Measuring equipment for every product.

Wrapping Up:

For quality building, every QC testers require to have the technical knowledge and other two knowledge. The analytical skills and problem-solving skills are added advantages to their career graph. Still, apart from these, other qualities like managerial skills and team leadership quality are helping them to excel in this field.


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