Way Of Optimizing Digital Freedom While In College

by Job & Career 29 February 2020

Digital Freedom

Optimizing Digital Freedom While In College

Technology is a powerful tool that is used in human rights and helps in embracing digital freedom. Most studies involve students with different courses that emphasize digital optimization. In the modern world, embracing technology, internet usage has increased. Digital freedom is the right that people have when expressing their opinions. They have the privileged to use their preferred devices connected to the internet. Due to the increase in digitizing all human activities, it has been hard to know the difference between digital rights and human rights. Digital platforms used to express how the students feel and need their issues handled.

The need for the internet has emerged for some years, and different educational institutions work towards adapting it. There has been a rise in different rights and freedom. One of them is digital freedom, so when students are browsing, they have the right to be protected when online. Most of the human rights were not well covered, hence the need to develop digital rights.

Digital rights

Digital rights are the way different human rights are followed and allowed. When it is college, students are permitted to use, create, and publish digital media. They are allowed to use different devices like computers and other communication networks. It is a bit different from freedom of expression and the right to individual privacy. Modern technology has brought about access to the internet. Digital freedom means the rights students have in accessing technology ad information. It also encompasses the right to privacy, freedom of expression, creativity, and innovation rights.

Different ways may hinder the feeling of digital democracy. It includes sustainability, cost of acceding, and communication services. As students, there is a need for freedom of expression. The ability to use the internet to express their opinions and thoughts; that is the reason students have the right to access several sites for resources: most of the online sites used for homework assignments. The extension of freedom of expression is to groups, journalists, and students.

Securing online privacy of the students

It has become a necessity to protect students when they are online. It is a relevant and essential practice. Some of the rights incorporated in digital freedom include multilingualism, consumer rights, and education.  It is imperative to have a public characterization on a global scale. It needs to be accessible everywhere, and the rights respected and recognized.

Students in college need to be protected, and it will bring about abuse of the freedom of expression and digital freedom. When there is exploitation, it can lead to blockage of information from the students. With the development of the internet, the rights are present.

More institutions that are educational are embracing technology and hence see the need for digital freedom and rights. For over twenty years, there has been a lot of progress. The efforts done include having electronic devices, using the internet, and all that available to students. With time, it is possible to eliminate all the restrictions that were considered unreasonable.

How the internet help students

The internet has been a positive tool for students in college; hence, there is a need to protect them. In many schools, the use of technology has helped with data and information management. It has helped in getting accurate information from students; hence parents can access all the records from the school. Soon, all their academic reports will be delivered digitally.

The prediction is the use of artificial intelligence rather than the traditional approaches. The future classroom will be student-centered. The innovative technology used to offer an ethical framework that will end up empowering tutors and students. All the digital education embraced by students and colleges is to sharpen future digital skills.

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