A Guide To Trading Sessions For The Forex Market

by Finance 31 May 2023

Trading Sessions

Experienced traders are well aware that each session has its specifics.

A correct understanding of trading in different regions directly impacts the effectiveness of the chosen strategies. This report will be super beneficial if you are new to the FX.

You will learn why the currency exchange market does not rest 24/7, what distinctions global sessions have, and how to take advantage of this knowledge. 

The Four Major Forex Trading Sessions 

Forex trading session hours

Forex trading session hours depend on the active working time in the respective largest markets. The various sessions are named after the regions they are located in, which include European (based in London), Asian (centered in Tokyo), Pacific (Sydney), and North American (centered in New York). 

Asian Trading Session 

Each Forex trading session’s time is counted from the opening of the major financial players in the region (banks, hedge funds, etc.). Sessions open in the morning according to local time (usually 7, 8, or 9 AM); however, since FX is an international phenomenon, it’s convenient to consider the time as GMT.

The Asian session opens at 00:00 UTC. This is the first interval in which the dealings accelerate. It does not have the highest volatility and is well-suited for beginners who are not ready for high risks. The main pairs are USD/JPY and AUD/USD, but EUR/USD is also popular due to its great popularity and huge liquidity.

European Trading Session 

During the European session, many financial centers are active, such as Paris and Frankfurt, as well as London, which is the main economic hub of the Earth. Therefore, pairs with the British pound and euro are especially in demand: EUR/USD, GBP/EUR, GBP/USD, and GBP/EUR. About 50% of transactions from the entire multi-trillion FX volume are carried out in Europe.

There is a significant level of volatility, which can result both in losses and gains. The situation is beneficial for players who possess a deep comprehension of market trends and can rapidly analyze information.

North American Trading Session 

Obviously, the primary currency here is the US dollar. The volume is also high, and the volatility can exceed the European one. This interval is the most aggressive and unpredictable. Price trends may continue those that emerged in Europe, but they can also change dramatically.

It’s necessary to note that geographically, this session covers not only the United States but also Canada, as well as the densely populated countries of South America. Therefore, in addition to USD, CAD (the Canadian dollar) and some other local currencies are actively bought and sold here.

Pacific Trading Session 

The Pacific session begins in New Zealand’s capital earlier than all the main ones. It, along with Asian one, is considered the most slow-going without sharp price changes. If you are counting on large and quick profits, this period is not the best. 

The period provides an opportunity to trade Australian and New Zealand dollars. Considering the minimal risks, this session is a good option for beginners. Automated systems can be effective here. You can choose the best Forex EA robot and make money without even watching the market.

Adapting Trading Strategies to Different Sessions 

As you have already seen, all trading sessions in Forex have considerable distinctions. You can choose the right time to do business depending on your own character, approach, and experience. For example, if you have extensive experience in short-term strategies, then in Europe and America, you have a good chance of high profits. 

When choosing a strategy, rely on current trends and economic reports. In the case of breaking news in China or Japan, quotes for currency pairs involving the yen or yuan may undergo significant changes. 


There are 4 Forex trading sessions that correspond to the four leading global economic centers. Any trader should be well versed in the features of these markets and shape their strategy accordingly. You can take risks or minimize them, close trades on your own, or rely on trading robots — there are various ways to achieve success in Forex and come to financial independence. 

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