BizzTrade Review 2021: Is You Money Safe With This Broker?

by Business Security Systems Published on: 06 September 2021 Last Updated on: 15 September 2021

BizzTrade Review

There are many questions on BizzTrade broker. Is BizzTrade regulated? Where is it based? Is it legit? As a company that provides education as its main product, along with trading, you want to make sure that you are in the right place. So, let’s start and see everything in our BizzTrade review – Check here.

What Is BizzTrade?

I know you have heard the term Bizztrade several times but could not understand it very well from the available sources. So have you wondered what is it actually? Bizztrade is an Omni-level marketing organization that offers clients the ROI (Return On Investment) through a cryptocurrency named Bizzcoin.

The origin of the Bizztrade company dates back to 2019 when Rehan and Rozwan Groher started the business. Their business was kickstarted with the partnership of Gurpreet Dhaliwal. However, although the original name was Bizz Trek, in the year 2020, it changed into BizzTrade.

What Makes Bizzcoin Unique? 

We have received this question several times from our audiences. The cryptocurrency Bizzcoin which the company Bizztrade introduced is accessible to both experienced and beginners.  Do you know what’s the best thing about Bizzcoin? It enables the users to trade the leading cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. In addition to these, you can also trade Bizztoken with Bizzcoin.

BizzTrade Regulation And Security

BizzTrade is a broker allegedly owned by BizzTrade Inc, based in Dubai. However, there are no mentions of BizzTrade Inc in the register of DFM. According to our BizzTrade review, the company is a Ponzi scheme operated by two Indian brothers, Rizwan and Rehan Gohar, and their partner Gurpreet Dhaliwal. The company was first established in the UK under the name BizzTrek in 2019, only to change the name to BizzTrade one year later.

The company is established as MLM (multi-level marketing) broker that also provides trading education. There is no security whatsoever with this suspicious forex company.

What Can You Trade With A BizzTrade Broker?

BizzTrade broker

BizzTrade is a scheme where you get dragged by promising education that will lead to guaranteed profit on the Forex market. The broker allegedly offers strategies and tools, as well as live sessions with brokers. However, since the company is not licensed, the employees cannot be brokers.

After you go through their “astonishing educational process” that starts from 50 EUR for the Starter package, you need to either upgrade your package or start trading. This broker also developed its BizzCoin, also known as shitcoin – a cryptocurrency of low value. The more clients purchased this coin, the more money owners could cash out from the company. Investors have never seen a cent of profit.

Deposit And Withdrawal Methods

As previously mentioned, the company drags clients to start with Starter educational package that costs 50 EUR. Besides this account, there are also Pro Starter, Business, Pro Business, Trader, Pro Trader, and the VIP account. All these accounts have guaranteed ROI of up to 0.8% a day.

When it comes to payment methods, all we can say is a “various range of payment methods accepted” according to the broker’s Terms & Conditions. Nowhere we could find and fees or commissions that the broker is charging.

As everything from the very start and BizzTrek is shady with this broker, we are not surprised. This just firmed our opinion – BizzTrade is a scam broker that should not be trusted.

How Do I Join BizzTrde?

Are you willing to join Bizztrade? Here are the detailed steps for how to Bizztrade login. Carefully check the following bullet points about Bizztrade login below:

  • As the first step, open your live trading account by registering into Bizztrade
  • After your Bizztrade login is done, verify your account by uploading the required documents
  • Fund your account through direct deposit
  • Now get started with trading. You are now free to choose from 300+ trading instruments.

BizzCoin Forecast For The Upcoming Week

By now, I suppose you have gained a robust knowledge of Bizztrade as well as Bizzcoin. Are o excited to invest in it today? That’s a great idea, but before that, it’s advisable to check the Bizzcoin forecast for the coming week. Let’s take a look at that:

2021-09-15 Price:  0.4063 Min:  0.000001 Max:  1.005
2021-09-16 Price:  0.234 Min:  0.000001 Max:  0.831
2021-09-17 Price:  0.147 Min:  0.000001 Max:  0.766
2021-09-18 Price:  0.191 Min:  0.000001 Max:  0.815
2021-09-19 Price:  0.670 Min:  0.0456 Max:  1.272
2021-09-20 Price:  0.487 Min:  0.000001 Max:  1.114
2021-09-21 Price:  0.279 Min:  0.000001 Max:  0.859

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who Is The Owner Of BizzTrade?

The Chief Executive Officer of Bizztrade is Rehan Gohar.

Q2. Is Bizzcoin Legit?

To date, Bizzcoin has not shown any illegitimate activities. Moreover, more features have been brought to the coin. There is no such report about its inauthenticity.

Q3. Will Bizzcoin Increase?

As per the market research reports, Bizzcoin’s price might go up from $0.256 to $1.097 in the upcoming year. Considering the hike, it’s a great rise.

Q4. How Much Is Bizzcoin Today?

Today, the price of Bizzcoin is $0.2531. The trading volume 24 hours is $78.187 whereas the market rank is #5118.

Q5. Can I Buy BizzCoin?

BizZcoin is actually a TRC2O coin that you can buy by exchanging an Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC). This global currency for digital transactions would be the support for the Bizzcoin referral and Reward Program.

Conclusion About BizzTrade

BizzTrade is a brokerage based in the United Arab Emirates operating with no regulation. The company was established in the UK as an education provider and MLM broker. However, clients never had a chance to see any return on investment from BizzTrade. Based on all the clients’ complaints and our review, we can say that the broker is running a Ponzi scheme.

After putting clients in the educational program and letting them enter the trading world, they also ask clients to bring more clients. And this is how they are building the network. The sad thing, all the ROI goes to owners.

Was this Bizztrade review article able to answer your queries? Please do let us know if we have missed shedding light on any areas. We will surely cover this up soon. Lastly, if you want to learn more about cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin, check out our guide right now: 5 Popular Cryptocurrencies Other Than Bitcoin.

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