The Various Types of Trade Show Displays

by Marketing Published on: 21 February 2022 Last Updated on: 23 March 2024

Trade Show Displays

Trade show displays, ranging from tiny portable trade show displays to more prominent bespoke tradeshow exhibits, are among the most powerful visual expressions of a company’s brand, goods, and personality.

Exhibits are available in a broad range of layouts, designs, and functionality. If you’re searching for the appropriate presentation to help you meet your event marketing goals, we’ve provided a variety of display and exhibit options to assist you in making the proper display selection.

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1. Banner Stands

Banner stands are among the most common and adaptable trade show displays. They’ve become a go-to for trade show marketers, businesses, and organizations seeking display signs since they’re inexpensive, portable, and simple to customize with unique graphics. They are a fantastic option for firms looking to make their brands recognizable quickly; if this sounds like something you think could work for you, you can see different sizes of free standing floor signs online and get yours ordered easily ahead of your next trade show.

2. Tablecloths and runners

Table coverings and runners are also commonplace at trade shows and conventions, providing a fashionable solution and improved branding chances for presenters with tabletop displays. Table tablecloths are printed blank or with bespoke designs on washable fabric using a dye sublimation print technology, depending on the demands of an exhibitor.

3. Truss structures

Truss systems not only lend structure to an exhibition, but they also have the most excellent design options. The truss comes in various styles, ranging from the hefty stage lighting truss seen at concerts to the design truss used for exhibitions.

The truss may be powder painted in a variety of colors, covered with designs, and formed into counters, shelves, seats, podiums, and displays, among other things. Nothing beats a truss for displaying large visuals, and a truss lends itself well to large displays that stretch into the air.

4. Tension fabric displays

Tension fabric exhibits make use of aluminum poles and extrusions, as well as large fabric graphics to create stunning walls and displays. Many of the accessories, such as lighting, monitor mounts, and so on, can be used on this type of display, but each system is unique.

Tension fabric systems provide a one-of-a-kind aesthetic with various bespoke forms and off-the-shelf alternatives. Most fold down for easy transportation and are simple to assemble.

5. Pop Up Displays

Pop-up displays are mostly used as backgrounds to showcase brand messaging and product capabilities. Pop-up displays make use of a collapsible frame that “pops” up, producing an immediate frame ready to be embellished with bright images.

To personalize a pop-up display, you can add extra features such as lighting, monitor mounting, and literature sleeves. You can turn them into counters by covering pop-up display boxes with a fitted cloth print, increasing the exhibit’s adaptability.

6. Outdoor Displays

Outdoor displays offer exhibitors a strong display meant to be used outside and are the ideal display option for outdoor events held throughout the summer and spring months.

Exhibitors should avoid utilizing outdoor displays in poor weather and ensure that exhibits are securely anchored or weighted down when it is windy.


By doing research and learning about the many kinds of trade show displays, you will be better prepared to choose the most appropriate option for your company.

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