5 Important Benefits of Using Backlit Trade Show Displays

by Small Business Published on: 22 May 2018 Last Updated on: 17 September 2018

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One of the fastest growing design styles in the exhibition industry is the use of backlight trade show displays. Companies can create brilliant aesthetics and customizable displays with LED lights. Over the years, exhibit companies are continually developing innovative and new backlit trade show displays and trade show products and accessories. If you want your business to stand out from the competition and crowd in your next exhibition, then a backlit screen is the ideal choice. Here are benefits of using this display product.

Draws attention to your exhibition space :

Today, exhibition floors tend to be extremely crowded with several rows of similar looking booths. You can use backlit trade show displays to transform your booth and attract visitors to your space. You can enhance your overall graphic impact using true white LED lights. You can also boost your results by using back to back LED displays.

Versatility :

Backlight displays tend to be versatile and portable which means that they can offer high impact when used at trade shows and in shopping malls or wherever else you choose. Backlit expo displays can be a great addition to your corporate lobby whenever you do not have events. They can help you attract visitors and new customer even when you are not exhibiting at the trade shows.

Customizable :

Backlit displays are fully customizable. This means that you can personalize them to suit the needs of your company. You can also alter their design depending on the trade show event. There are various options that you can use to determine what suits your exhibition needs. The available options include backlit portable counters, light towers, modular LED light box displays, and backlit pop-up displays. There are different ways that you can try to highlight and light up the essential pieces of your exhibition booth.

Improves visitors experience at your exhibition space :

A well-lit booth will make it more visible for your visitors on a busy and crowded trade show floor and will ensure that they see and read about your business without having to strain their eyes. With proper backlit trade shows displays, you can quickly draw attention to your literature displays, product displays, critical messages in the booth, and other demonstration areas. With the right backlit exhibition displays, you can make a significant difference in the experiences of your visitors at the trade show.

Affordable :

Backlit trade show displays are too affordable for you not to utilize them in your tradeshow booth. LED lights are incredibly inexpensive, and they are the best style of lighting for your booth. The cost will be marginal and could exponentially increase your ROI during your trade show events. You will be glad that you used backlit event displays for your exhibitions.

Trade shows and expos take a lot of energy and time to plan and execute. Also, you may be stressed by the competitiveness that you experience from other businesses. When you have an upcoming event, you should be prepared and set up within a short time and add backlit exhibition displays to ensure that you pull in the maximum amount of leads and attention to your business booth.

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