5 Effective Ways to Showcase Your Products and Services

by Services 05 December 2018

Showcase Your Products and Services

Learning how to showcase your products and services is fundamental for generating greater brand awareness and boosting sales. Businesses that do not make a solid investment in the presentation of the products and services that they offer often fall behind competitors that aren’t afraid of the spotlight. Consider these straightforward tips to expose your products and services offline and online to gain a stellar advantage.

1. Create a Dazzling Display:

One of the reasons why store displays are so effective is because consumers love to get an up-and-close view and a hands-on approach when they are considering a product or service purchase. Placing vivid displays and clear signs at the consumer’s eye level always attract greater attention. Showcasing your products using Tenji concepts can accelerate sales and make exhibiting your products and sales signs in a unique, compelling format possible. Shopify suggests that creating a multisensory experience by using complimentary lighting and symmetry, playing soothing music, granting access to touching the products, and even an infusing a pleasant smell in the environment increases consumer engagement. Offering samples for customers at display stands allows them to dive in and experience the product for themselves right where they are or in the comfort of their own home.

Utilizing color psychology techniques to create better displays and alluring signs can have products flying off the shelves and into the hands of consumers. Small Business Trends suggests that over 90 percent of consumers make purchases based on the packaging of products. Consider using split testing to decide on the best color combination and package design for your products, and you may be pleasantly surprised at the conversion results. The colors integrated into your display and the signs presented to consumers can either attract or repel them. Blue is a generally an acceptable color to use, but using a red sign to signify a sale often leads many consumers to explore the valuable deal presented to them.

2. Offer Cool Product and Service Demonstrations:

One of the most effective ways to show off your products and services is to deliver a dynamite product or service demonstration. An effective product demonstration serves as a superb avenue for showing off all of the advantages of a particular product, or a set of complementary merchandise. Marketing Week declares that product demonstrations can lead a customer through the purchase process faster, and increase brand awareness significantly. A live demonstration can captivate the audience beyond a general approval of your brand, and shift them into paying customers.

If you offer a top-notch service, your business can also benefit from the live demonstration. For example, if you offer carpet cleaning, you can take small, soiled carpet cutouts, and clean them right in front of the customer. If your business serves food, cooking live for an audience can increase customer interest and sales right away. The possibilities are endless if you get creative with your demonstration. Demonstrations of your services using your own branded products is another solid recommendation. Product and service demonstrations can be pulled off right inside a physical store, in a studio setting, or in a number of public areas.

3. Create Exciting Videos for Promotion:

Live product demonstrations are not always possible, so the next best thing is to record your product demonstration or the delivery of the services you offer. You can even use a talented employee, or recruit a model who can use the product or deliver the service well to do it. However, when company leaders decide to participate in the demonstration, it shows that the business is more personable, and this move can resonate heavily with modern-day consumers who appreciate buying from a down-to-earth company brand. Including genuine reviews in a product and service video can score major points with your target audience. If a business that showcases its products and services on video goes viral, then its influence and ability to captivate consumers increases exponentially.

4. Set Up at a Trade Show:

A trade show is an effective way to parade your brand’s merchandise or to declare that your staff is fully equipped to deliver a particular service well. Trade shows are offered year-round in many cities, but you can plan to visit at least one per year to maximize your exposure and opportunities. Renting a booth or a space to set up a display can be free in some cases, but many popular trade shows charge a decent price.

It is wise to prepare in advance for every trade show that you plan to attend so that your display and demonstrations are on point when it is time to take action. Entrepreneur states that you and your staff can showcase what your company does better than anyone else, so creating an original, interactive activity for attendees can help people remember your company and brand long after they leave. Not only can trade shows help your company connect with customers, but you can network with other businesses and even meet investors who can assist you.

5. Gain Referrals and Reviews from Satisfied Customers:

A supreme method of increasing sales is to ask satisfied customers to share their experiences with your merchandise and business services. In this day and age, reviews carry more weight than ever, and positive or negative reviews can make or break a business. Every customer review serves as a way to showcase your company’s products and service. To make a stronger impact, you must encourage your customers to contribute a review. Sharing genuine, uplifting reviews and testimonials and displaying them in a physical store, on the company website, or on popular social media platforms are effective strategies. This is far easier to do if you are actually offering superior products and services. Offering juicy incentives to customers who leave a review online, write a testimonial, or record a short video that will be seen and shared via social media is also an excellent idea.

Another way to showcase and promote your brand is to use social media influencers. A social media influencer is a person who has hundreds of thousands (or more) friends or followers online, and a single posting or promotional video can drive sales upward overnight. However, micro influencers are also ascending into popularity with big name brands, and you can jump on the bandwagon. Forbes suggests that major influencers often have a greater amount of disengaged friends and followers, but micro influencers often pack a punch in their circles of influence. What is most beneficial about micro influencers is that they can be recruited for a lower price than major social media influencers, and the return of investment (ROI) is usually higher.

Without a doubt, if your merchandise and services do not remain visible to your target audience, sales rates will be slower than normal. It is important to focus on showcasing your products and services well to reach your intended consumer base, or your company can waste time, money, and effort. With brilliant displays and the application of clever marketing techniques, you can illuminate your products and services in the eyes of consumers, investors, and potential partners to grow your business and profits.

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