Uncover the Hidden Perks of Credit Cards that You didn’t Know

by Loans & Credit 09 January 2019

Credit Cards

The first two things you may consider when availing a credit card are its benefits and charges.

Benefits can make your purchases worthwhile. Credit cards provide reward points, discounts, and cashback which can make your future transactions affordable. You can earn these benefits with almost every purchase. The earnings can even be more when spending on particular products from specific stores.

Charges, on the other hand, set you back. You may have to pay a joining fee and an annual fee. You also have to pay late payments if you fail to clear the minimum amount within the grace period. The best financial companies always maintain transparency with customers to give them a precise idea of their products’ benefits and charges.

Now, besides the charges, you need to consider the appropriate card for yourself considering the multiple perks it comes with. For example, products like Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard combine the power of 4 cards into 1. So, the best credit cards bring features and benefits which are often unknown to the users.

If you are going to apply for one, take a look at 7 of those perks here.

1. Insurance for an accident while travelling:

Some credit cards provide insurance cover in case of accident or accidental death. The cover only applicable during your travel via the mode of transport whose tickets you have purchased using your instant credit card.

For example, you can get travel insurance if you have purchased your air tickets from a specific carrier. In case of an accident, you will be able to claim the same.

2. Car rental insurance:

In many cases, you may be asked to pay for insurance while renting a car. However, you can skip that as your card provider has got it covered. The lending company covers all expenses for damages in the rental car only when you use the particular credit card for payment.

3. Baggage delay insurance:

Few credit cards provide baggage delay insurance that covers particular items in your baggage in case they are delayed. The insurance covers carriers who delay your baggage containing personal and business items, provided you have paid for the air tickets using the card.

The type of items covered may vary with different credit cards; go through the terms and conditions before availing the card.

4. Lost or damaged baggage insurance:

Lost or damaged baggage insurance covers all expenses required to repair or replace items in your baggage if it is lost or damaged by a common carrier. This insurance only comes into effect if you have paid for the air tickets using that particular credit card.

5. Airport privileges:

Some credit cards offer premium airport privileges. For example, you can carry extra luggage up to a specific limit without additional costs, get waitlist clearance, and priority check-in facilities. These cards can also allow you free lounge accesses at domestic and international airports.

The Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard provides up to 8 lounge accesses at selected airports every year. Bajaj Finserv also provides pre-approved offers that make availing these credit cards hassle-free. Pre-approved offers are further available with secured loans (home loans, etc.) and unsecured loans (personal loans and business loans) along with many other financial products.

Provide only a few essential details to check your pre-approved offer.

6. Price protection cover:

Price protection cover concerns the price of a product purchased with the card. A company may refund the entire amount or reimburse the difference between the prices. This happens only when the price of a product drops after you purchase it.

You need to abide by certain rules and regulations for this cover. For example, the lower price must be available within a specific period after your purchase. The item must have a minimum price. You have to claim within a particular time frame.

7. Concierge service:

Concierge services give you access to assistance which can take care of your various expenses, provided they are done using your credit card.

For instance, you can contact the concierge service to:

* Deliver gifts and flowers to someone, anywhere in the world.

* Book domestic or international flight tickets.

* Book a golf game.

* Rent or reserve a car anywhere in the world.

* Book a spa session.

* Book domestic or international hotels.

* Make dining reservations.

* Book and deliver movie tickets.

If you know how to use a credit card correctly, you can get the most out of it with the exclusive benefits mentioned above.

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