5 Reasons to Invest in Promotional Marketing Materials

by Investing 15 May 2018

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Are you finding new ways to promote your business? With the prevalence of digital marketing, it’s easy to think your marketing efforts should be online. But in reality, promotional marketing still has leverage.

Promotional products still hold value to your customers. Seriously, who doesn’t like free stuff?

And when you slap your logo on these products, they always remind your customers of your brand. And compared to digital forms of advertising, promotional products are inexpensive but provide an equally lasting impression.

Whether your business is small or large, here are 5 reasons to invest in promotional marketing materials. Give your prospective customers something to remember!

1. Increases Brand Retention :

What do you think increases brand retention best — a free cell phone charger or a cool social media post?

The goal of promotional marketing products is to give your customers a useful tool they can use. When they gain use out of your branding product, they begin appreciating your brand.

With promotional product marketing, you’re giving customers a kind gesture. And that goes farther than a business card.

2. Relatable Promotional Marketing Materials Develops a Brand Impression :

When choosing which promotional products to use, find products that represent your brand. An example includes promotional flash drives for a tech company.

Hand out free flash drives with your company information.

This way, your prospective customers get a free flash drive, and you’re marketing within your niche.

3. Improves Brand Promotion :

If you hand a passerby a pamphlet, they may throw it out. But give a passerby a free product, and they’ll gain use out of it. This is best done at a trade show or convention, where you can beat your competition by supplying free products.

You’ll also gain brownie points if the free products work really well.

4. They’re Effective But Still Cheap :

If promotional products are so effective, they must be really expensive. But it’s actually the opposite — promotional products are really cheap. You can mass order your products for a small price, and hand them out over time.

A great example is a lanyard. Anyone could use a lanyard, but they’re really cheap. Visit for all the details.

Your best bet is handing out promotional products at trade shows, while street vending, and for in-store and online purchases.

5. Better Than a Business Card :

While we’re not fully insulting the business card, promotional products work similarly but better.

When you hand a business card, you’re introducing your company. But when you hand a promotional product, you’re introducing your company while giving a gift.

Increase Your Marketing Efforts With Promotional Products :

When you need better marketing efforts, most brands invest in digital marketing.

But the tried-and-true methods work hand-in-hand with digital marketing.

Promotional marketing materials offer a way to increase brand recognition while supplying your customers with a tool or a gift. When you brand the product with your logo, your customers will always remember you.

With convenience and a low cost, you’ll love the benefits of promotional product marketing. Combine promotional marketing with digital marketing and increase customer loyalty while maintaining your ROI.

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