What Top Companies Have Opted For BYOD

by Technology Published on: 13 June 2020 Last Updated on: 01 December 2020


Opting for a BYOD contract within your businesses has several benefits, but it also has a wide range of challenges. From security risks to the sharing of important documents over a wide range of devices, this new way of interacting with your colleagues is becoming more and more popular at this time. In this article, we will be looking into some of the companies that have begun to implement and revolutionize this technology at this time.

Here are Top Companies Have Opted For BYOD:

1. LastPass


As the way the general public interacts with their technology changes, more and more companies are opting for BYOD strategies to provide effective solutions. One of the most recent ones to do this is LastPass. As a predominantly Best Business mobile application, the implementation of this technology has helped to revolutionize BYOD devices and make using your mobile phone for work significantly easier than before. This is a huge change to modern-day technology and has made using passwords for sensitive documents safer than linking them to a Google account or other aspects of the business.

2. IBM


Another company that has been using a BYOD device is IBM. They have continued to create technology that allows businesses to effectively implement a BYOD strategy into the workspace making it stand out as a result. With contracts as well as the implementation of secure messaging this is a company that has single handily changed the way that a majority of businesses use personal devices to improve communication and productivity at this time. As they continue to do this they are providing more and more insight to other businesses on the potential that this can have.

3. Apple


As one of the biggest technology developers in the world, Apple has a huge influence on the way we interact with our technology over the years. As a result of this, it comes to no surprise for many that Apple is helping to aid the development of BYOD contracts with the applications that they are developing. As a company, they encourage a number of their staff to use the technology that they possess to think about what we as individuals could benefit from. This has allowed them to succeed in not only app development but also the creation of enhanced mobile technology. It is this level of development that has single handily pushed forward the BYOD device.

4. McAfee


The final company that has continued to revolutionized and take advantage of BYOD is McAfee. By creating a secure system across a variety of technologies they have enabled a secure BYOD device to make working in the office much more effective. It has tackled the main issue of security when allowing your workforce to use their own devices and has combatted it by providing your business with an effective way to make an effective solution for your business moving forward.

With this in mind, several companies are operating around the globe that are revolutionizing the BYOD contracts that we can use within our offices in the 21st century. Will you be implementing this into your daily work routine for your employees?

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