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by Business Development Published on: 11 April 2018 Last Updated on: 20 September 2018

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It’s hard to believe how far technology has come in the last decade. For both personal and commercial use, we can now do things we once thought would be impossible. A large part of this is down to the World Wide Web and the impact the internet has had on our day to day life. In today’s age where technology plays a huge part in our daily tasks, it’s difficult to picture what life would be like without our smartphones, social media etc.

To sit back and think about how technology works can sometimes be mind-blowing. Whether it’s via your phone or PC, you can connect to the internet within a matter of seconds and have the ability to communicate with people from all over the world, online shop and browse social media. Although we mainly focus on how our personal lives have changed due to the internet and technology, it’s also had a huge impact on how businesses operate as well.

Through the use of communication platforms and broadband speed, businesses can now connect quicker than ever to clients all over the world, complete tasks and store data like never before.

Conference calls :

Conference calls

Communicating via telephone is no longer a luxury; it’s a way of everyday life. Over the past 10 years, the way in which we use phones has changed a lot. Calling someone abroad seemed like a difficult and costly task but nowadays, we wouldn’t think twice about calling someone in this country or abroad. The main way in which this has helped businesses is through the ability to use conference call facilities. With the help of providers such as Talk Talk Business, you can now connect multiple people to the same phone call from all corners of the globe, making business meetings a lot easier and more cost effective.

Social Media :

Social Media

Social media has taken the world by storm, with over 2 billion Facebook users being recorded in 2017 alone. For personal use of social media has become somewhat of an addiction, regularly scrolling through our timeline and communicating with friends and family all over the world; but how has this made an impact on businesses? Social media is a powerful tool for getting your voice heard and because of this, it’s a great way to advertise your business and communicate with customers. Through the use of paid campaigns, using relevant hashtags and sharing high-quality content, you can create a whole new digital audience and attract them to your brand.

Storing data :


With the ability to securely store documents and data online, it’s easy to see why some businesses are now opting to create a paperless working environment. With many data storage platforms available like iCloud, it’s now easier than ever to store and backup data online. Creating a paperless office is now becoming more popular and technology isn’t just the one swinging factor. Endless pieces of paper, the cost of printer ink and places to store documents are also factors that most people consider. By storing data online becoming more and more reliable, it’s likely the transition to paperless will become a more common sight.

The digital world has evolved immensely over the past decade alone and it’s only going to continue to grow and develop from here. We now have access to a world that opens up a whole new level of interaction for both our personal and business lives and it’s interesting to think where technology will take us a few years from now.

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