Top 5 Reasons to use Motorola Radios in your Business

by Technology Published on: 17 January 2019 Last Updated on: 22 November 2019

Motorola Radios

Motorola radios ensures their products pass through various tests to guarantee their effectiveness. Their products must pass water resistance, corrosion, extreme temperatures, and durability before they are made available to the consumers. For the last 65 years, Motorola ensures that its products meet the right standard.

Motorola radios are the most effective radios in the market regarding performance and reliability. Motorola radios have incorporated modern technology aspects that make them suitable especially with recent trends in technology. The receivers are high performing and have the ability to transmit signals at a very high rate. Their clarity is amazing, and many businesses are adopting them. Motorola Radio Rentals is a reliable company that distributes efficient and durable Motorola radios.

What makes Motorola radios outstanding?

1) They are crystal clear:

Motorola radios have noise suppression software that can filter out noise in the background. This software makes the receiver and recipient of the message to get the intended message. Additionally. Intelligent radio increases and decreases volume for better clarity.

2) Water-resistant:

Motorola radios are properly sealed preventing the entry of water. Some models of the Motorola radios can be submerged in water without any damage to them. Being water resistant makes them durable. They are not also affected by wind and dust making them useful in any business environment.

3) They secure their carrier:

Through their lone worker and man-down app, they can seek assistance when the holder is unable to. Also, they have a location tracking app and can be traced easily.

4) Easy to read messages:

They have high resolutions, and the user can easily see the word written. It is possible to easily understand information even during the night since they have night modes option. The information is transmitted quickly and displayed in a transparent mode.

5) Long-lasting batteries:

Their batteries can last up to 29 hours without shutting down. It makes them convenient in a busy schedule that requires regular contacting through radios. The Motorola battery has a life span of 5 years making it cost-effective to use the Motorola radio.

6) Integrated Bluetooth and WiFi:

Advanced models of Motorola radios have incorporated Bluetooth and wifi software apps. It is possible to connect the receiver to your phone and share data. You don’t need to carry wires for connections the process has been digitized and made efficient by Motorola.

Bottom Line:

Motorola radios make communication efficient in any business. They are also cost-effective since many workers can share a single broadcast. The ability to quickly alert any messages makes them suitable in any business environment. It is possible for emergency situations to reported quickly through their lone worker app and a man down the app.  Additionally, they are easy to use, and employees don’t need training on how to use them.

Advanced features such as location tracking, wifi, and Bluetooth integration and the ability to dispatch work make them vital in business.  Motorola radios are the most reliable with guaranteed 24 hours service-no downtime. Acquire one for your business, and the results will be incredible.

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