What Are Spectrum Compatible Wi-Fi Routers?

by Technology 27 April 2021

Spectrum Compatible Wi-Fi Routers

We could be direct here and just make a table that would tell you concise detail about all the Wi-Fi routers that are compatible with Spectrum but that would require a lot of research on your end, as well.

You would need to first look into the type of device or router that is suited for you and that on its own would take you a couple of days to figure out.

So to save you some precious time, we recommend that you go through this article to know as to why Spectrum is the right internet brand for you, why you should get or purchase a router rather than rent it from the internet service provider and what router would best be suited for your household or use so that you may be satisfied with your purchase after a couple of weeks of use.

Spectrum has a plethora of services that tend to attract fresh and new faces to the whole high-speed internet experience. One of the leading qualities that the internet brand has is its Spectrum Customer Service.

This department has a 24/7 country-wide availability which means that all Spectrum customers could log on to the helpline to discuss their issues regarding their services and get a quick solution at that very moment. The service also concentrates heavily on providing its customers with as little wait time as possible.

There happen to be a lot of benefits to having your equipment. The most immediate benefit that you get is that you no longer have to pay the internet service provider a monthly rental fee.

You may feel at the start that the cost you are paying for a single piece of equipment is a lot but trust us, in the long run, rental fees pile up and amount to a figure which is greater than the actual price of the router is. It would be highly beneficial for you to just somehow manage to purchase a good router for your internet connection as a one-time investment and then forgo the monthly rental that you are paying.

Best Routers for Spectrum Internet:

We don’t agree with Spectrum here, rather we see that no popular internet service provider has a list of approved routers for their networks on their websites.

To be honest, we get it, why would you present your customers with additional aid or help which might come at the cost of profit margins or even high complaints. Customer complaints would tend to go up if the customer does indeed buy or get one of the recommended routers but the device underperforms or perhaps, doesn’t perform at all.

If we know anything from the type of routers that Spectrum rents out to its customers, then we know that they must be:

  • Having Dual Band Wireless AC Connection
  • Specified: 802.11ac Router

Recommended Wi-Fi Routers for Spectrum Internet Service:

Brand of RouterEthernet PortsNumber of External AntennasWi-Fi BandsLevel of Cost
Askey 802.11 AC Wave 240Dual Band$
Linksys Tri-Band AC 220054Tri-Band$$$
NETGEAR Nighthawk R 670043Dual Band$$
TP-Link AC 1750 Smart Wi-Fi Router43Dual Band$

Best Modems for Spectrum Internet:

Brand of ModemModel or ModelsInternet Speeds That are Supported
ArrisSB 6121 and SB 612060 Mbps
Zoom5363, 4341J, 5360, 5345, 5354, 5350 and 5350100 Mbps
NetgearCMD 31T60 Mbps
TP-LinkTC-W 7960100 Mbps
ArrisSBG 6700-AC, SB 6141, SBG 6580-2, SBG 6580 and SBG 6400100 Mbps
NetgearCM 400, C 3000, C 3700 – 100 NAS, CG 3000 D and C3000 – 100 NAS100 Mbps
D-LinkDCM 301100 Mbps
MotorolaMG 7315, MB 7220, and MG 7310100 Mbps
LinksysCM 3008100 Mbps
ZyxelCDA 30360100 Mbps
LinksysCM 3024400 Mbps
ArrisSB 6183 and SBG 6900 AC300 Mbps
ASUSCM 32 and CM 32 AC 2600400 Mbps
ASUSCM 16300 Mbps
ArrisSBG 7580 AC, SB6190, and SBG 7580400 Mbps
MotorolaMG 7550, MB 7420, and MG 7540300 Mbps
TP-LinkTC 7620, CR 700 and CR500300 Mbps
NetgearC 6250, CM 500-100NAS and CM 500300 Mbps
SMC NetworksD3CM 1604300 Mbps
NetgearCM 700, C 6900, CM 600 and C 7000 100 NAS400 Mbps
MotorolaMB 7621400 Mbps

Spectrum is one of the few internet service providers that include a compatible modem with all of their Spectrum internet plans. Even when the internet service provider provides its internet consumers with the equipment, it’s better to not pay rent over a long period.


The thing about internet service providers who offer up equipment for rent is that they charge you a base rental fee per month. This may be the right thing to do if you are only interested in keeping the internet service for a short time, however, if you are considering a long-term commitment, then it is quite better to invest in your equipment. This way you would end up saving more.

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